Requirement is fulfilled...!

Associate Product Manager

Department: Associate Product Development

Post : 01| Experience: 3-5 Years

Our requirement

    • Creating Product Roadmaps and enhancements according to market needs.
    • Check the feasibility of the Roadmap from the marketing perspective.
    • Derive new product Ideas according to future market prediction
    • Forecast the future enhancements in product/Project according to the market.
    • Define a vision behind a particular requirement scope
    • Understand the depth of the requirement and draft the scope of work
    • Pass the vision thoroughly to the Team and monitor until its end outcome.
    • Support the team-lead to achieve the Team Goals
    • Support the sales team through a pre-sale activity.
    • Optimize the solution/proposal according to Future Selling point, Quality, Budget, User experience, and other Key matrices.
    • Incline with execution, Monitor Progress, QA, UAT to assure a quality experience for the customer
    • Identify the service areas for products and help to get new service business out of it.
    • Documentation of the Research and present it in an effective way.