UI/UX Designer

Department: Design

UI/UX Designer| Experience: 4-5 Years

Your responsibilities

    Role and Responsibilities:

    • Developing and maintaining design wireframes/prototypes, which can range from simple paper sketches to high-fidelity and interactive digital mock-ups.
    • Work collaboratively with other designers, product design and development teams, business analysts, engineers, and project managers.
    • Identify areas for improvement and pain points from the users’ perspective.
    • Liaise regularly with clients/stakeholders to ensure that designs meet their requirements and core business objectives.
    • Generate ideas through ideation techniques such as brainstorming and the worst possible ideas to solve the users’ needs in a way that provides value to the company.
    • Self-development skills to keep up to date with fast-changing trends.

Our requirement

    Key Skills

    • Communication, collaboration, and teamwork toward problem-solving and a user-centric mindset.
    • Knowledge of Wireframing tools such as Adobe XD, Figma.
    • Knowledge of user research and UX Design Thinking Process.
    • Good to have knowledge of creating user personas, user journeys, and site maps.
    • Ensure design standards, guidelines, and best practices are adhered to (i.e. including alignment, consistency, color contrast, etc.) and creative thinking.
    • Excellent and professional approach for organizational, time, and project management skills.