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How BiztechCS Developed a Lottery System for a High School in the USA?

How BiztechCS Developed a Lottery System for a High School in the USA?

About High Achieving High School

The High Achieving High School is a Public Secondary School located in the United States. Having expert faculties for every subject, they are known for their improved educational functions. As per the latest records, their academic performance index was 832 out of 1,000.


CakePHP 2.6.1, MySQL Database

Project Highlights

  • Aeries Integrated Application
  • Dynamic Draw Process
  • Data Integration and Verification
  • Lottery Modules for Enrollment

Biztech as a group defines what a software company should be. You and your team continue to stand head and shoulders above any other software vendors that we deal with as far as product development, quality of support, and knowledge of available technologies.

Fernando Delgado

El Camino Real Charter High School


The Project

The lottery system is a module of high school’s portal for the student enrollment and registration for getting admissions. The admission process is divided into two sections. First preference is given to the students who live nearby the campus area. For the outlying students, there is a lottery system to get enrolled.

Project Requirements

For any educational organization, it is critical to handle and manage the data. Creating registration and lottery system was the main requirement of the client. The client wanted to integrate the data from Aeries. Since the registration process required too many details, it was a big challenge for us to represent it with good UI score to the users.

They also wanted to simplify the lottery process. It was a bit challenging to create a simple layout for the admin to understand it properly.

  • Registration & login process
  • Enrollment form filling (Also from backend)
  • Create a dynamic draw process
  • Manage student data and activity tracking
  • Send notification emails for events
  • Compose custom emails

We redeveloped the whole system from admin and frontend side.

Enrollment Module

  • Challenges
    The biggest challenge was the complex admission process. Since it required many details for different types of users, it was critical to manage all the users at front end side.
    • Fix
      We divided the user admission process into several steps. To facilitate the admission, we created a user-friendly admission registration process wherein a user can leave in-between and can resume from the same step whenever needed.

Lottery Forms Module

  • Challenges
    Registration forms are divided into 10 steps which was a little tricky to manage. When a user submits the registration form, there are different sections that can validate the form as per their needs.
    • Fix
      In case the user is unable to manage the forms, we enabled admin who can set the form details. We created login for each department. Both admin and users can see and update the related details. Admin can also manage user history. This was helpful for the organization to keep their data secure and manage forms with the required information.

Registration Forms Module

  • Challenges
    The biggest challenge from the admin side was to create an attractive layout. In the first phase of the lottery process, the system selects random admission forms. And rest of the students get selected on the basis of their grades according to the form.
    • Fix
      We created a simplified layout which displays a step-by-step process of student selection. It was made with less complex structure so that the admin can understand it with ease.

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