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How BiztechCS Redeveloped a High School’s OpenERP?

How BiztechCS Redeveloped a High School’s OpenERP?

About High Achieving High School

The High Achieving High School is a Public Secondary School located in the United States. Having expert faculties for every subject, they are known for their improved educational functions. As per the latest records, their academic performance index was 832 out of 1,000.


OpenERP 7.0, Postgresql, Amazon server setup

Project Highlights

  • Modifying the OpenERP Based Modules Like Purchase, Product etc.
  • Restructuring the ERP Flow
  • Designing the OpenERP Backend Views
  • To Create/Enhance Various Modules of the OpenERP

Biztech as a group defines what a software company should be. You and your team continue to stand head and shoulders above any other software vendors that we deal with as far as product development, quality of support, and knowledge of available technologies.

Fernando Delgado

El Camino Real Charter High School


The Project

High Achieving High School wanted to develop a system to make their routine work like creating a purchase order, POS sell an item to student etc easy. One of their major purposes was to set up the whole ERP flow and streamline their daily school activities.


For school management, it is critically important to process each data store perfect and reuse for reporting. It was very important for the High school to make data available to their students, teachers, and management. The overall scope of the project required enhancements of several modules within the OpenERP.

The pain areas were to map the current workflow with ERP. So that each user and activities could interconnect with ERP existing module in such a way that minimum custom changes are required.

Initial startup

  • Analyzing the existing workflow and best fit with an existing module of OpenERP
  • Customization in the standard module for some minor requirements.
  • Database design and schema for the new module


  • Challenges
    As a part of the OpenERP development, we were required to develop the entire system from scratch in OpenERP. The challenge was to map the existing flow in OpenERP with a small change to the existing ERP.
    • Fix
      We mapped each activity in the standard module for best output and interlinked it with the standard flow.
    • Ultimate Solution
      We installed the OpenERP on Amazon server with all the prerequisite app such as Postgresql, Odoo modules etc.

POS customization

  • Challenges
    Needed to include the students/parents and teachers in POS to create order regarding school activities like assigning event t-shirt, function ticket etc.
    • Fix
      We included the students/parents and teachers in standard partner module and gave whole new search view in POS for students/parents and teachers. We also created a new POS receipt.
  • Challenges
    Auto-sync the OpenERP order to Magento.
    • Fix
      We settled the scheduler job in OpenERP to sync it with Magento at a specific time. As a result, POS orders work fast without any issue.

Reimbursement request

  • Challenges
    It was required to develop a new reimbursement flow for teachers’ expenses and link it with the HR expenses.
    • Fix
      Created a new module for reimbursement and linked it with existing HR expense.

Purchase order customization

  • Challenges
    Needed a multi-level approval process to facilitate the purchase flow.
    • Fix
      We developed a new module for purchase flow by modifying the existing OpenERP flow. Furthermore, we added an email notification for each next level authority pertaining to the change of state and finalized the purchase process.

Accounting Budget

  • Challenges
    On the account, the client wanted to put amount restriction for some departments and a restricted purchase mode.
    • Fix
      Firstly, we allocated maximum amount to each account and linked it with those departments. Secondly, we merged the accounts with the purchase flow in order to make sure that it does not exceed the purchase limit. Thereafter, we settled a limited amount for the associated accounts to double check and reduce the allocated amount on each of the successfully confirmed order.

Sync ERP to Magento & Magento to ERP

  • Challenges
    The client wanted to sync the standard OpenERP modules like product, POS, Payment etc to Magento system.
    • Fix
      First we created one custom API call to sync the process that handles both way data in intermediate table. And then, with the help of schedule we synced ERP to Magento vice-a-versa.


We successfully completed the OpenERP development and implementation task in the stipulated timeline. Currently we are working on further enhancements of the modules.

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