Helping Kassem Landscaping
Digitize their Operations

Kassem landscaping is an Egypt based company with a wide range of landscaping business in various locations. Their major pain point was they were managing all their employees manually and wanted to digitize the entire process. So, we came up with an idea to develop an application which fulfils their requirements and makes their business operation simpler.

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Project Highlight:

Client wanted to develop an HRMS application to manage all employees and their daily tasks. They wanted to digitize all the manual work of punching and managing sheets for attendants, etc. Handling all these things manually was becoming difficult and so they wanted an in-house application. With it, they wanted to manage their employees and basic tasks like leave management, working hours, punch times, etc. so they could save time and spend less on paper work.

Project Overview:

Employee Verification:

To verify and authenticate the employees we have used face verification. Users can open the app, their faces will be verified and on the basis of their working shift they will be able to view all the shifts. This will notify other team members and managers about pending and completed shifts.

Daily Check-in/Check-out:

Using the mobile application, employees can check-in once they reach the location and can check-out while leaving from a location. This helps employees to easily manage their check-in/check-out instead of handling everything manually.

Tasks Assignment:

Managers can assign tasks to employees from the admin panel. Each employee will be given rights to access the projects they are working on. Further, managers can assign tasks for each of the projects. Similarly, once the tasks are completed, employees can checkout from the application which will notify project managers. Hence, everyone will be on the same page.

Leave Management:

Employees can apply for leave directly from the application. The manager and CEO can view this, and take action on it to approve or reject it. Decreasing unwanted communication between employees and helping everyone to be on the same page.

Admin Features:

The backend module is built using Odoo framework 10 in which we added some tweaks in the attendance module. Here, the admin can view all the employees and has access to all the features of the application. They can know leaves, working hours, working shifts, project details, assign role management to each employee on the basis of their roles etc., of all the employees. Further, they can take necessary actions for payroll, assigning tasks, evaluating employees, etc.

Future Scope:

In the future we aim to provide the following features in the application which will make it easier for employees to use the application. Moreover, it will even help our client to streamline their operations:

  • Attendance station
  • Face recognition
  • Daily wages and payroll
  • Idea of selling this concept as software solution


Odoo Framework with Python, Android (Kotlin), iOS (Swift)



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