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Customer Service App

Customer Service App


With the Customer Service App, a customer can place a request for various services from his service provider. They can also generate tickets, incidents, and complaints with a document or screenshot for their particular issue. The Admin can add their comments on each incident. The app supports multiple languages to remove the language barrier among the global customer base. It is built on Xamarin.Forms and communicates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for storing data. It uses secure Microsoft’s Azure service as a mediator.


C#, Microsoft Dynamics 365, WCF RESTful (Azure Based), Xamarin, Xamarin.Forms

Project Highlights

The Challenges

Layout Settings Issue

We had to develop a module for the admin to set fields for Add, Detail and List Layout for different entities in addition to the default and custom fields. Also, the app had to show layout and fields set by admin showing different types of Microsoft Dynamics 365 data.

Languages Management For App

We needed to have dynamic language settings so our solution would be compatible with the languages activated in Microsoft Dynamics 365. To provide customers with ease, there should be a language selection option so that customers can select their preferred language.

App Integration Vulnerability

There was a need to enable a way that users could connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365 without credentials because those are confidential and cannot be passed to each customer.

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The Solutions

Dynamic Layout Settings

For this, we equipped our app with a Drag and Drop option so the admin can select the entity, layout (Edit/List/Details) and fields that they want to show to their customers. Along with that we have provided Registration layout settings where admin can select fields to set them in Registration form.

Multiple Languages For App

We have added a dedicated page for language setting for the admin where he can set all the languages. Based on that the customer will be able to set the preferred language and he will view all the details like Labels, Messages, Titles, etc. in the selected language.

Secure App Connection

We have provided a way where customers can communicate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 in a secure way using Microsoft Azure.

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