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This financial planning company has been functional for years and has been offering specialized financial planning solutions to its valued customers. The company wanted to get a more powerful and effective website and some new custom modules for SugarCRM system. They wanted to get it all done for better market approach and enhanced online performance.


SugarCRM / SuiteCRM

Project Highlights

  • Website Customization and Redesign Facility
  • Customization of SugarCRM Module
  • Customized Email, Case, Client and Order Modules

The Challenges

Website Customization

The firm wanted to make some major changes and customizations in their existing website to reach out a broader market segment and to manage their online business more effectively.

SugarCRM Customization

The business objectives of the financial firm also needed some new modules and customization in the existing SugarCRM modules for improved functioning.

The Solutions

Custom SugarCRM Module Development

To deliver strong and feature-rich SugarCRM modules to the firm, we developed few modules i.e. email module, case module, client module and order module. These newly developed custom SugarCRM modules helped the financial firm to manage their strategy development and implementation process smoother and more effective.

Tailor-Made Website

Considering the firm’s business needs of growing their business to manifolds and reaching the wider spectrum of customers, we also customized the existing website that enabled them to interact with their customers more effectively. Website customization also helped the firm to expedite the process and offer better customer service!

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