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Local Forge “XploteIT”

Local Forge “XploteIT”


Local Forge Redemption app is built on Android platforms. The app allows its partners and affiliates to redeem their vouchers through their devices on-the-go.



Project Highlights

  • QR Code and Barcode Scanning Solutions
  • Coupon Validation Solutions Using Web Services
  • Facilitate Coupon Redemption
  • Implementation of Track Redeem Records

The Challenges

QR Code Scanning

Client wanted to have a flawless QR code scanning with image and colors.

The Solutions

Gift Voucher Scanning

For this, we developed a solution for scanning gift vouchers based on QR code and barcode scanning.

Validating Coupons

We provided a solution to validate coupons using web services with QR code response.

Redeem Coupons

Based on coupons types, coupons can be redeemed partially or fully.

Track Redeem Records

On the basis of usage, (multiple or partial) redeeming records are easily tracked through this app.

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