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MageMob Inventory

MageMob Inventory


Looking for a comprehensive application to manage stocks and goods efficiently? MageMob Inventory will help you with revolutionary features which control the stocks’ details on-the-go! This app helps to fulfill the customer’s needs by delivering goods/stocks on time!


Android, iOS, Magento

Project Highlights

  • Creation of Inventory Management Module
  • Warehouse Based Inventory Solutions
  • Supplier Management Tools Implementation
  • Integration of Purchase Order Creation Tool
  • Provision of Goods Received Solutions

The Challenges

The Solutions

Inventory Management

As a part of solution, our app developers built new modules as per the client's’ requisites and based on market research. Modules developed by them are, supplier, purchase order, invoice, inventory logs, etc!

Warehouse Based Inventory

The team provided this solution which help goods to distribute on warehouse basis with a proper purchase order management and detailed eye on products’ quantity!

Supplier Management

With a supplier management solution, products can be directly associated with respective suppliers.

Purchase Order Creation

This solution was offered to have an information about out of stock products and backorder generation! Store owners can create purchase orders based on out of stock products & back orders.

Goods Received

Good Received solution is developed for the merchants, so that they can select warehouse and get respective warehouse’s stocks updated!

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