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Magento store owner can now stay connected with their store through their mobile. Keep track of the order details of your store from anywhere at anytime! MageMob application, which runs on Android tab or iPad both, can help you access your stores through your iPad and Android Tab.


Android, iOS, Magento

Project Highlights

  • Integration of Customized Dashboard in the Application
  • Enabled Complete Overview of Orders
  • Implementation of Order Status Notifier
  • Multiple Store Configuration Facility Including Magento

The Solutions

Customized Dashboard

Get an easy to manage customized dashboard as per your business needs. It provides you information about the placed orders, invoices, and customers details. In addition, it also displays current year sales, average monthly order value, no. of orders placed, total sales report etc.

Complete Overview of Orders

You can have a complete overview of no. of orders placed, canceled, pending and delivered. You can also search different orders based on various filters. These includes status for various orders, notification of orders placed and complete information of orders placed.

User-friendly & Supports Multiple Stores

It is easy to use and also supports multiple stores! It is simple to configure with your Magento store and you can receive updates of all your stores simultaneously from anywhere at any time on your handheld device.

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