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Mr. Silent

Mr. Silent


This is an exclusive mobile application that keeps your mobile in silent mode based on different conditions defined by you! These conditions could be based on a specific location, calls from contacts,time zone or events! When your device will reach particular geographical location, receives call from defined contacts, or get calls on specific events/occasions, and on specific time, it will go silent enabling you to stay stress free if you are not willing to take the calls on those conditions.



Project Highlights

  • Mobile App Development with Conditional Silent Feature
  • Provision of Application Amendments Setup
  • Integration of Alert Notifications Upon Predefined Conditions
  • User-friendly Application Dashboard Development

The Challenges

The Solutions

Conditional Silent Feature

Application will turn the mobile on silent mode for predefined conditions. These conditions include: specific locations, specific events, receiving calls from specific contacts, or during defined time slot.

Add/Edit or Delete Conditions

This application gives you the liberty to change, add, delete any data or various conditions anytime, anywhere to reschedule new conditions as per your choice and requirement.

Alert Notifications

It gives an alert to set your phone into silent mode when reaching defined time slot and event date and time.

Change Application Setting

You can make changes from settings as per your requirements to use this app to its optimum usage.

Aesthetic Dashboard

It also has an enticing and user-friendly dashboard that you would love to use to define settings and conditions when you want to keep your mobile silent.

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