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Osli Equipment

Osli Equipment


OSLI Equipment provides portable toilets and trash bins on rent online. The company offers a luxurious as well as comfortable restroom experience to its users based in Southern California. It is a family-owned company having its headquarters in Los Angeles. We created an e-commerce solution for them with complex reservation and checkout process.


HTML5, Magento

Project Highlights

  • Integration of Online Reservation System to The e-commerce Store
  • Estimated Event Restroom Calculator Implementation
  • Installation of Multiple Location Checkout Processes
  • Integration of Order Confirmation Messaging API
  • Implementation of Autocomplete Address Using Google Maps API
  • Delivery Date Scheduler Extension Installation for Magento Store

The Challenges

Online Reservation System

As the company provides restrooms and trash bins on rent, an online reservation system had to be created so that users can order for the equipment whenever they need it.

Event Restroom Calculator

The website owners wanted a facility through which users can estimate the type of restroom they would want to be based on their sanitization needs and a number of guests.

Complex Checkout process

During the checkout process for renting Trash bins, a provision of adding multiple addresses had to be given along with some extra fields.


As soon as the restroom and trash bins were booked, an order confirmation had to be sent to the users, which confirms the booking of equipment along with the date.

Address Autocomplete

Users needed with the suggestions while they feel the address so that they do not have to type the entire address.

Delivery/Pickup Time Selection

Users needed an option to select the date on which they want the equipment to be delivered to them along with the date on which equipment can be picked up from the location.

The Solutions

Robust Reservation System

As Magento is basically an e-commerce friendly platform. It provides a facility to place orders and purchase. But as OSLI Equipment gives restrooms on rent, a 3rd party module was used for users to be to order without facing any hurdles.

Estimation Calculator

Options like “Number of Guests expected” (along with numbers), “Duration of the event” (in hours), “Percentage of men & women”, “Presence of Alcohol” (Yes/No) were provided. Depending on the information that is fed in by the user, the calculator provides with the type of facility they would need.

Multiple addresses Checkout

The user might need Trash bins at different locations for different purposes. So our developers created a single page checkout process through which a single user can add multiple addresses and place their order.

Order confirmation via SMS

An API named Twilio was used to send order confirmation message to the users after they order the Trash bins and Restrooms. Verification of mobile number is done before sending an SMS to check if the mobile number is correct and aptly written.

Address Autocomplete with Google Maps API

Address Autocomplete API by Google was used to suggest the address based on information being filled in by the users.

Pick up & Delivery Date Selection

Our Magento extension “Delivery Date Scheduler” was used to enable users to select the dates on which they want the restroom equipment to be delivered. Not only that, they can also provide information about the pick-up date so that the equipment can be picked up from their location.

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