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PD Management

PD Management


PD management aims at offering efficient inventory management solution to its users, so that internal process of ordering products becomes easy. They wanted to have a seamless inventory management system to control their shipment’ processes.



Project Highlights

  • Development of Inventory Management System
  • Order Management Tool Integration
  • Integration of Shipping Management Tool
  • Automated Order Status Mechanism Implementation

The Challenges

Order Management

To create a system using which users can keep track of their pending & due order.

Shipping Management

To create an intelligent system that makes shipping of orders generated easy and automated.

The Solutions

Inventory Management

We created a system using which admin can manage their customer, product, order and shipping related detail and it also helps in keeping the track of order & shipment.

Shipping management

We created a shipment where multiple shipments are dispatched based on their order and the system can calculate remaining product quantity based on previous order.

Order Status

Automatically update order status when all product shipment is created.

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