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Photo Reporter

Photo Reporter


Photo Reporter is a web application that helps to supervise construction site data and manage data which is collected while a user is using the application. It comes with the feature using which one can take photographs of different building views (internal & external) and understand the progress of the construction project based on those images.



Project Highlights

  • Integration of Mobile and Web Applications Supported with Rest API
  • Interior Project Progress Tracker Implementation
  • Exterior Project Status Tracker Integration

The Challenges

User Data based Project Status

The biggest challenge of the project was to create an application which would keep track of the construction progress based on on-site data fed by the user.

Both Interior and Exterior Progress

Another challenge was to show the project progress - both interior and exterior. Getting status of project from exterior angles was a bigger challenge.

The Solutions

Integrated Web and Mobile Application

We not only developed a web application but also a mobile application supported with Rest API.

Interior Project Status Tracking

We provided a feature wherein users can take photos based on direction and floor plan of the project. Thereafter, they can upload these photos on both mobile app and web app to track progress of interiors. Users can also store the latitude and longitude along with room temperature of the location while taking the photos and annotate with with additional details.

Exterior Tracking

To track exterior status, we provided a feature - a captured satellite view of the project on a particular date and time, to enable comparison at different dates.

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