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Piggy Box

Piggy Box


Piggy Box is based in Los Angeles that rents out plastic boxes for moving purposes. These boxes are eco-friendly, easy to move and sanitized after every use. We made an e-commerce website to help them rent out these boxes online.


HTML5, Magento

Project Highlights

  • Inventory management module integration
  • Implementation of customized page checkout
  • Product delivery date module integration
  • Magento plugins integration for website restructuring
  • Customer support module installation
  • Social media integration to the website

The Challenges

Inventory Management

The inventory management module to be created for this website had to address the client’s unique requirement. It required a special module for quantity management and renting which had to be added in the admin panel.

Check-Out Page

There are different locations for delivery and pick up. The checkout page needed 3 modules named Delivery & Pickup Code, Delivery & Pickup Address as well as Delivery and Pickup City.

Product Delivery Page

When the delivery date is selected by the customer, it should be displayed in the cart and checkout pages. The preferred delivery date was needed to displayed on the product page.

Website Restructuring and Design Layout

Piggy Box needed a new layout and theme integration which had to be created using Magento plugins.

Live Chat Integration

It was required to enable a customer support module to support live chat on the website.

Social Media Integration

Buttons of social media networks had to be integrated for marketing purposes like giving updates to customers and involving them in other interactive activities.

The Solutions

Creating a Module for Inventory Management

A module for quantity management was created to handle inventory and item data. Functions like changing product availability based on stocks, transport information etc were added to the admin panel.

Customized Checkout Page

A customized checkout page was created by using UI components in Magento. 3 modules for each Delivery and Pickup functions were included for the convenience of clients.

Product Delivery Page Implementation

The product delivery date module was developed so that the customers can provide the date when they can pick up the boxes for packing their stuff and also provide the dates on which they will deliver the boxes back.

Website Restructuring and Design Layout

The website was restructured and some design layouts were created from scratch as the website needed customized styling and functionality based on the client’s requirements.

Live Chat Integration

To make this possible, we integrated a customer support module so that live chat can take place seamlessly.

Social Media Buttons

The buttons on Facebook, Twitter and Yelp were added and integrated to redirect the customers to the social media pages of Piggy Box.

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