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The project involved integration of Quickbooks Desktop (customer, items, invoice) with SuiteCRM (Account, Products, Invoice) using our proprietary SaaS based Integration platform.


CakePHP, PHP, SugarCRM / SuiteCRM

Project Highlights

  • Quickbooks Desktop and SuiteCRM Integration
  • Dual System Integration Using Saas Based Platform
  • Implementation of Automatic Data Synchronization
  • Data Syncing Rrror Solutions
Maulik and his entire team at BizTech are extremely skilled at integrating QuickBooks and SugarCRM. They are willing to customize anything you want and are extremely responsive to questions and problems. Their support is great and are a pleasure to work with!

The Challenges

Real-Time Data Updates

Both the systems needed to be updated with all the data as they are fed in either of the systems. This was a major project requirement.

Data Acceptance Criteria

A structure needed to be defined for feeding the data in the system. This was to ensure standardization of the data.

Data Accuracy

Maintaining data integrity was another challenge. As our solution integrates two disparate systems, maintaining quality of data along with integration was also a challenge.

Integration Automation

Another objective of the integration of the two systems was to remove human effort in syncing account and CRM data, which often leads to data errors.

The Solutions

Real-Time Integration

Using our smart integration platform, we were able to successfully integrate both the systems in a systematic manner.

Accurate Data Sync

All the data from both the systems were synced automatically.

Error Management

We managed and mitigated any data syncing error that may have been caused during the integration process.

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