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Advance SMS Scheduler

Advance SMS Scheduler


SMS Scheduler is a user-friendly and flexible android app, which allow the users to schedule the SMS and send them the desired time. User just have to compose the message and set the details, the app will take care of the rest. This will not only help users to remember all the critical events and appointments but it will also simplify the schedule by making them stress-free and well planned.



Project Highlights

  • SMS Scheduler App Development
  • Provision of Date and Time Format Settings
  • Implementation of Predefined SMS Intervals-Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Integration of Suggestion Box from Phone Book
  • Enabled Reminder Setup for Others

The Challenges

The Solutions

Set Time Date Format

You can define your own format of displaying time and date for all the SMS. You can set the date and time format that you want to see in your SMS scheduler.

Define Daily / Weekly / Monthly SMS

You can even predefine the SMS which are sent on daily, weekly or even monthly basis. Once the SMS are delivered, it’ll send the delivery notification of SMS to you.

Suggestion Box from Phone Book

You can also have and use the robust suggestion box from Phone books in this application.

Send SMS to Others

Using this App you can also help others to recall important appointments, tasks or events in advance. You can create the SMS to send others on predefined date and time.

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