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SMS Vault

SMS Vault


SMS Vault App is meant for those who want to keep their personal messages on top privacy. This app will lock SMS on your cell phone by using a defined pattern. SMS Vault gives a full control over the messages privacy and provide control over the access. If the user sends any message to any private number through native or default messaging application, it will automatically save the message in a private box instead of sending it into the inbox of native messaging system.



Project Highlights

  • Application Development with Native Messaging System
  • Facility to Mark and Save Private Numbers
  • Provision for Setting the Incoming Notification Messages
  • Pattern Based Security System

The Challenges

The Solutions

Define Private Numbers

Users can mark any number from the phone directory as a private number and save it. In fact the user can define a list of private numbers. User would receive the SMS on that number privately. The existing chats or messages of all defined privates numbers will automatically get moved to the private vault.

Enable / Disable Notification of Incoming Messages

Users can enable or disable the feature of notification of incoming messages that they receive on getting every incoming email.

Pattern Based Security

This application works on pattern based security system. If the user have locked the screen using a specific pattern, it will open only after applying that specific pattern, so that no one can have access or can guess the pattern used to lock the screen. If, by any means, you forgot the pattern, you can recover it on your email.

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