Snakes & Ladders

An Adventurous Racing Game


Snake and ladders is a fun filled game that can be easily played by people of all age groups! It’s one of the all-time most played game, played by all at least once in their lifetime. This is a racing game in which the player has to reach the end-point first beating other players, which is located at the top left corner of the electronic board beginning from the start point located at the bottom.

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The Solution

Three Different Ladder Boards

This application has three different Snakes and Ladders Board consisting of 49, 64 and 100 grids respectively with varied configuration. The board that will appear depends on the screen size of the device.

Image Setting

The players can set the image that they want to display on the game board while playing game online with multiple players. This will give each player a distinct identity.

Enable / Disable Sound Effect

The players can opt to enable or disable i.e. “ON’ or “OFF” of the sound effect from the setting section that will appear on every taping while playing the game.

Color Option for Dice

Players has the liberty to select either red or white dice while playing the game, the dice is available in two colors to choose from by the players.

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