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SugarMob – SugarCRM Customer App

SugarMob – SugarCRM Customer App


It‘s an advanced Android app allowing users to organize their customers, orders, calls, shipping, finance, invoice and every CRM activities through mobile. It helps the SugarCRM users to stay connected with their customers and online store both on their mobile!


Android, iOS, SugarCRM / SuiteCRM

Project Highlights

  • SugarCRM Module Implementation
  • Incoming Call Filtration Facility
  • Access and Modify SugarCRM Records in the Module

The Solutions

SugarCRM Module Integration

This mobile application integrates all the SugarCRM Modules like Accounts, Contacts, Meeting, Calls, Opportunities, Leads etc. with the application for seamless flow of data from SugarCRM to Application and vice-versa.

Incoming Call Filtration

It filters every incoming call from SugarCRM contact and displays the details of the contact for caller’s identification. Calls can be filtered based on the contact details listed in the SugarCRM app. Calls from SugarCRM contact can be recorded and saved in the SugarCRM as Sugar Notes for further reference.

Access to all Major SugarCRM Modules

It allows you to add, update and delete records of any SugarCRM Modules, which includes account, contact, lead, note, meeting, calls, opportunities, tasks and cases.

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