Type While Walk

Write While Walking


Type while walk, which is an Android and iOS app, allows users to type / read an SMS while walking, typing and resting along with displaying the streets on the screen to avoid any collision or accident. Perform two tasks: compose/read message without worrying about the path ahead. The app is meant for people who frequently text while walking. This app is specially designed for maximum camera interface on the background. The camera loads fast and drains zero battery when not in use.

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The Solution

Sleek Design

The application is quite attractive with sleek interface design that can attract users and help them perform multi-task.

Orientation Dependant

This application can work in horizontal as well as landscape orientation equally well. There is no restriction that it can work in only specific orientation. It’s orientation dependant.

Open / Copy / Delete Messages

Users can open, delete or copy messages received using this application.

Access Message History

Users can review the entire history of received messages while walking along the street without losing sight of the front view.

Capture Images and Share

The user can snap images using the camera of the mobile and can share these images with their friends in social sites.

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