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Water Expert

Water Expert


Ovivo is a company that provides highly technological water treatment solutions for the municipal markets as well as industries. It is popular for offering water treatment solutions that are environmentally sustainable, energy efficient and cost-effective. Water Expert is a customer support portal which was designed for the clients who use OVIVO treatment plants.


AngularJS, CakePHP, IIoT, Ionic, Node.js, ReactJS

Project Highlights

  • Dashboard with Multiple Options
  • Customer Profile Page Development
  • Integration of Notification System for The End-Users
  • Creation and Implementation of The Help Manual
  • Charts and Widget Implementation Using CRM UI

The Challenges

User-Friendly Dashboard

Client wanted to create a user-friendly dashboard which navigate their account and manage different activities.

User Profile

A separate profile page was required for each user. Fields include name, contact details, job titles as well as the profile picture.

Alerts & Notifications

This section was required to alert users at regular intervals about the plant maintenance, motor replacements etc through notifications.

Help & Support

The client wanted to add videos for the documentation about different aspects like new components, O&M media, maintenance schedules etc.

Charts and Widgets

It was required to provide real-time recordings of plants which detailing like speed, frequency, usage of temperature, charts and widgets.

The Solutions

Creating Dashboard

A We developed a dashboard with multiple options with CakePHP. Added two sections “Dashboard” and “My Plants” instead of “Ovivo Connect”.

Profile page

With the customized profile page, customers can create their own profile and edit the information whenever they want.

Alerts & Notifications

Water Treatment plants need regular maintenance. Keeping this in mind, we built the notification system based on CakePHP. It send a reminder at regular intervals to help the customers for required actions.

Help & Support

The mechanics of water treatment plants are difficult to understand for everyone. The videos in the ‘Help & Support’ section provides all the information about new components, O&M media, maintenance schedules, adding new users and more.

Implementing charts and widgets

Values like aerator speed, temperature, and frequency of the plant and more were added by using the UI in the CRM system. These values were reflected on the front end through charts and widgets giving them an idea about the workflow.

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