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We help you take care of the most important step: testing whether it works. Our dedicated team checks for discrepancies and tells you how it is, so that your end user doesn’t have to.


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SF Cable

SF Cable turned their small business site into a full-blown eCommerce platform and they’ve been growing...

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Alternative Parts Inc, a leading supplier of replacement parts for CNC machines and specializes in manufacturing...

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Biorbyt is one of the largest bioscience terminals with a huge inventory of reagents, antibiotics, biochemicals,...

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Tests we perform

Manual Testing

Products are tested for functionality and design. From all the basic security checks like authorization and authentication, SQL injection, XSS script using tool to the advanced checks, we’ve got you assured.

Automation Testing

Leveraging new tech and software for QA to help businesses roll out better sprints quickly. Our automation testing is done via making custom scripts for web apps and mobile apps, using different frameworks, in various languages.

Usability / Design Testing

Get your website, app, and software tested from user interface and design to provide enhanced the user experience to your customers. Now convert and engage more with your customers.

Mobile Testing

Mobile application testing for native apps and hybrid apps. Our team does overall testing of your apps including, installation, UI, design, functionality, responsiveness, and OS compatibility.

Performance Testing

Performance testing include Load testing and Stress testing of web app, desktop app, and mobile app to check for avg. load time, error ratio, and latency. It also includes server performance testing.

API Testing

API tests check for integration, response rate, data response verification, and API automation along with detailed and well-organized HTML report.

Technologies we
work with

How we go about
testing your project



Once the project comes to us, we review the initial project requirements and evaluate what needs to be done. After understanding the project, we create a test plan for it.



Then we prepare test cases based on whether the QA process should be manual or automated. A manual test design happens with various strategies, and an automated test case is designed with script.



We execute the test according to the planned design. Manual tests are done by manual checking of each component, and automated testing is done by running the script. Then bugs are reported to the developers.


Stabilization / Delivery

Lastly, fixed bugs are rechecked for a bug-free project. When required we perform regression testing based on previous sprints. The last step is user acceptance testing and if everything is okay, we prepare a deliverables folder and a final test is performed.


Our promise

Our work ethic, methodology, and dedication to your projects make us the perfect business partner. With us, you will be gaining a long-term partnership that can help you through every step of your journey towards success.

To understand you and your projects better, we offer a risk-free two weeks trial. You only need to pay if you are satisfied with our developers and want to continue with us. If you are not happy, then we will refund your payment.