Stephen Cohen1

Stephen Cohen

Only after having another company build my website – Leather Envy, I contacted Biztech with the need to correct errors and undo the clunkiness of its performance. We have built the website for an online e-commerce wholesale business selling upholstery leather hides in the United States. I knew that my website needed smooth navigation for better customer experience and process online orders without any glitches. Additionally, the website needed to have the best appeal possible. Biztech helped me in the best possible way to fine tune my website and get rid of unwanted elements. They evaluated my site within a day or two, made a proposal for curb appeal, corrections and upgrades. The price proposed was very reasonable as well. They know their strengths and weaknesses as well. They had the humility to let me know if they were not able to provide answers to some of my technical questions but their internal teams had all the answers and solutions to every change that I requested

My website was originally built with a solid framework and layout but Biztech made my website more appealing, run smoother, and made it more user-friendly! I could not be happier for all that they did and the results are amazing!