Largest Bioscience Center


Based in Cambridge, Biorbyt is one of the largest bioscience terminal having a huge inventory of reagents, antibiotics, biochemicals, Elisa kits and other customized scientific requirements for scientific research. With an objective to serve the global scientific community with finest quality services and products, Biorbyt has a dedicated inhouse team of world’s talented researchers and academics to manufacture finest quality products.

The Challenges

Magento Store Customization

Aligning with the challenging objective of Biorbyt, creating a robust and user-friendly Magento store with few integrations with all required features and functionalities was equally a challenge to us.

Magento Extension Customization

Considering the needs of customer, we accepted the challenge of customizing Magento extensions to help store work well with the business flow, adding value to the overall performance of the store.

Custom Module Integration

The project required integration of a custom module for the easy and impeccable functioning of the Magento store, given the specific business needs of Biorbyt.

Shopping Cart Integration

We integrated a secure shopping cart, which was a challenge as it was having wide range of product line with multiple modules and functional features.

Magento QuickBooks Online Integration

We cracked another challenge by integrating Magento store to QuickBooks, wherein the data of customers, products and invoices are safely exported to QuickBooks in a timely manner. With this, duplicate data entry is also avoided. This eliminates men power and offers reliable real time solution.

The Solution

Interactive and Appealing Website Design

Working in harmony with the objective of the customer we developed a highly attractive and interactive website by customizing theme having unique images and features aligning with the overall functionalities of the store.

Accounting System Integration

Integration of accounting software in Magento has been a common practice that gives the store a better functional and performance impetus, which proved to be effective for Biorbyt too. Now they can easily export their customers’ data, product orders, etc to QuickBooks within defined time. Duplicate data entry can be avoided, errors can be reduced and other problems can also be eradicated with the help of accounting system integration.

Email Template Designing and Integration

We also designed their email template that they used for email campaign. We gave it a personalized look and corporate appeal making it fully optimized.

Client Base

  • UK

Technology Used

  • Magento


  • Medical & Healthcare

Social Media Integration

Biorbyt wanted to stay connected with their customers on social media channels. Considering this need, we integrated the social media platforms to their Magento Store to fulfil their business need.

Website Maintenance

Finally we also provided the most important but widely neglected service of website maintenance to Biorbyt for keeping the overall health of their business website.


  • We have been working with Biztech for over 4 years now and been impressed with their breath of knowledge, their can do attitude and the good communication skills. Biorbyt has completed over 100 small and large IT projects with Biztech ranging from HTML front end design to sophisticated back end integration. I would highly recommend Biztech.

    Tillmann Ziegert

    Managing Director — Biorbyt Ltd

    Tillmann Ziegert

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