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Hire Android Developers and Turn your Idea into Reality

We have a team of expert Android developers who can help you at each stage of the software development life cycle. Get in touch with us for quality Native Android app development services to mold your vision into reality.

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Dedicated Android App Developers

There are different ways you can develop Android applications but having dedicated Android app developers can be game-changing. As a leading Android application development company, Biztech takes the lead in Android app development services. We can help you to develop feature-rich, intuitive, and interactive applications with a fluid user experience. We handle all the technical aspects of application development and help you to create interactive yet appealing applications. Hire Android developers at your convenience and let's work together to build your next extensive application.

Available Integrations with Android App Development Services

Hire Android developers today from Biztech to develop scalable, robust, faster, and intuitive applications.

Leverage Php to upscale your backend and make an intuitive frontend with Android. With the power of Php and MySql, you can securely store your data and make your application stand out. With the regular updates from the Php and MySql team, your users' data will remain secure. Let our developers help you with creating Android applications with Php as a backend. Hire Android App Developers and build the next generation application.

Rely on the versatility of the Node.js to handle and manage your app's backend and Android to develop an intuitive frontend. With the security features of Node.js, you can trust this combination to create the best applications. The scalability of Node.js makes it easy to develop and integrate with other applications. We have experienced developers in Node.js and Android who will help you at each phase of the development cycle. Many companies rely heavily on it because of its ease in handling the database and server-level complexities.

Leverage the backend on Microsoft's .NET framework and develop wonders. Microsoft has started investing heavily in open-source software, which makes it easy to combine .NET and Android. This powerful combination makes you free from security and maintenance issues. Additionally, with the help of the Android framework, you can develop intuitive and interactive applications. Our Android Application Development services will help you develop the next generation android applications and make your business grow.

Mobile-based applications are the new trend in the market as it provides ease of use. With the help of AWS cloud services, you can create Android applications and reach out to your users. AWS Cloud becomes your one stop solution and helps you with hosting, timely security updates, maintenance, and development guidance. AWS being a leading cloud service provider will make your applications stand out and increase your global reach. Combine these two combinations and reach the masses with your applications. We have skilled developers who will provide you with the best Native Android app development service to help you develop your applications and make them more intuitive.

Azure is the second most popular and leading cloud-based application. Get the best possible solution for using Azure for your Android applications. You can rely on Microsoft's security and timely maintenance to help you keep your application up to date with the latest market trends. Additionally, Azure handles all the complicated server related issues and helps you with development. Bring the power of cloud and Android together and create the next big applications. Hire Android app developers from us at your convenience and get the best possible solution for your applications. Get in touch with us, and we will help you with our Android application development services for your business.

OnBoard Android App Development Company to Create Great Applications

Hire Android Developer as per your Need

Flexible Pricing | NDA | Simple Exit Policy



We provide NDA to maintain your Project confidentiality

  • Duration: Flexible
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom
  • Hiring Period: Flexible
  • Billing: Weekly
  • NDA Security
  • 100% Source Code Authorization



Hire Dedicated 5+ years exp. Developers

  • Duration: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom
  • Hiring Period: Minimum 1 Month
  • Billing: Monthly
  • NDA Security
  • 100% Source Code Authorization

Scrum Team (3 developers)


A dedicated SCRUM
Team of 3 Developers

  • Duration: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • Communication: Email, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom
  • Hiring Period: Minimum 1 Month
  • Billing: Monthly
  • NDA Security
  • 100% Source Code Authorization

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As an experienced Android application development company, we uphold the development process as the highest priority. Get the best solution for your application with our Android development services and hire a skilled Android developer team for your next project.

    Android Tech Stack


    • Android(Android RunTime)


    • Kotalin
    • Java
    • XML

    UX Designing

    • Invision
    • Zeplin
    • Adobe XD
    • FluideUI


    • Android Studio


    • Facebook API
    • Instagram API
    • Apple Pay API
    • Google Pay API
    • Google API
    • REST API
    • Chat API
    • Map API
    • others


    • Mobile
    • Tablet
    • Smartwatch


    • Google Play store
    • AppBox
    • APK(Signed)


    • Google Meet
    • Zoom

    Version Control

    • Github
    • Bitbucket
    • Gitlab


    • Firebase analytics
    • Google Analytics

    Crash Reporting

    • Firebase crashlytics
    • Google Play crash Reporting

    Project Management Tools

    • Jira
    • Trello
    • Slack

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    We developed an app which makes it easy to manage employees with interactive features like: employee verification, daily check-in/ check-out, and more.

    Manufacturing Cheshire
    Wrights Of Lymm | Gold Leaf Specialists

    Having been in the industry for more than a decade, we have helped them to develop an application via which their customers can purchase things from their vast catalogue.

    Retail Colombia
    EPA – Delivery Boy Application

    We helped them develop a mobile application specially for their delivery people with all necessary features that make delivery easy.


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    Android App DevelopmentServices by Biztech


    Integrate Third-Party Tools

    Integrate third-party tools easily with Android application development and make your application responsive and user-friendly. Make your app feature-rich, scalable, and easy to use by integrating other third-party apps.


    Hardware Compatible Apps

    Run your Android application on almost any device and make it reach the masses. We can help you to make your Android application compatible with almost any and every hardware device.


    Enhance your App Experience with AR and VR

    Integrate and use the latest technology like AR and VR easily in your application and try to make it more user friendly. Hire dedicated Android developers from us and boost your Android application.


    Develop Varied Applications

    With our Android app development services, you can create industry specific solutions. We have developed several industry specific solutions, and our tech experts will help you at each stage of the software development life cycle.


    Design Intuitive Interface

    To start with Native app development, let our UI/UX designers create interactive, appealing, and easy to navigate mockups for your application. As an Android application development company, we can help you to develop apps just like you wanted.


    Android App Consultation

    Our strong tech team will provide you with a consultation at each phase of development and also after deployment. This way, we can make sure to listen to your challenges and provide best-fit solutions.


    Support and Maintenance

    Our customer support team is there to help you round the clock and solve your problems. Moreover, you will also get timely maintenance to keep your app compatible with industry standards.


    Security Updates

    As a leading Android app development company, user data is important. We provide timely security updates to our customers and keep everything up and running.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to start with Android application development services?

    Android mobile app development cost varies as it depends on the size of the projects. Size and features define the number of resources required for the project, and this will eventually define the cost. First, reach out to a Native Android app development company like Biztech, explain your project idea to them, and then let them analyze. We analyze the number of hours required, team size, and then finalize the cost of android native application development.

    How much time does it take to develop Android applications?

    Time taken for Android native app development varies depending on the size of the project. Again here, you need to share your project idea with an Android development company i.e., Biztech, our team will understand and work closely with your team. Further, as per the defined specifications, we will analyze and define how much time and resources are required.

    Do I need to sign NDAs and SLAs?

    Yes! You need to sign NDAs and SLAs, which will be defined according to the market standards. It is essential to sign the legal documents as it helps both the parties to stay on the same page and serve better to your customers.

    How does the Android mobile app development company, Biztech, assign a team for my project?

    Once we discuss the project with the client, we analyze it, and then according to the skill sets matching our team we assign a team for your project. You can hire dedicated Android Developers from us and they will be working solely on your project and help at each and every phase of the software development cycle.

    Which types of solutions do you offer?

    We can build industry specific solutions as well as custom solutions which clients need. As an Android app development company, we have 15+ years of experience and have helped many clients with our solutions. You share with us either problem you want to solve or project ideas, and we help you bring them into reality.

    What is the difference between cross-platform and Android native app development?

    If we start out with Android native app development, we will use dedicated Android IDE for application development. Whereas, with cross platform application development, we write code once and run it across the platform. This helps us to create applications for multiple platforms. Both the development processes are best in their own ways, and our experienced developers can develop in both environments. Hence, as a client, either you can define your processor depending on the project requirements, we will define the IDE.

    Which platform shall I target more, iOS or Android?

    This completely depends on your business model, the type of product you are developing, and your audience. So, first study which platform your customers prefer and then move forward. Usually, it is good to have applications in iOS as well as Android, but you still need to understand your customers and their needs.

    How will you handle new OS releases in Android?

    Every year Google releases new Android versions with new features and making your application abide the new release is important. Hence, when the new OS version is released, we make tweaks when and where needed. This helps us make sure that the application is up and running to the latest features and provides a better user experience.

    Will I be given complete ownership of the project and source code?

    Of course! You will have full ownership of the project as well as source code. All these things will be covered in NDAs and SLAs we sign with clients.

    Will the hired developer work dedicatedly for me?

    Yes, your hired developer will be working dedicatedly for you and with you. They will be full-time dedicated to your project and constantly stay in touch with you. This will also provide you with full freedom to directly communicate, clear if you have any questions, or needs any changes in the project.

    What will be the team size for my project?

    Team size of each project keeps varying depending on your project size. Our team will first understand the project requirements, and then depending on it, we will define the team size, or you can also share your requirement with us. Knowing the requirements in detail allows us to know the project in detail, provide details, if any, and then depending on the project requirements, we will assign a team.

    Which project management tools do you use?

    We use the latest project management tools like Jira, Trello, Slack, and more, to keep all project members work efficiently and qualitatively. It also helps our team members to be on the same page and access data from anywhere at any time.

    Do you provide industry specific solutions?

    Yes, we have helped many customers to develop industry specific solutions. You can trust our Android development services and let us know what type of applications you need. Our team of expert Android developers will help you to come up with the solution. We have served in many different industries like logistics, IoT, AI, Aerospace, and more. Hire our Android developers and let them guide you at each stage.

    Do I need to pay before taking a trial?

    No. Our 15-day MVP trial is completely free.

    How does a free trial work with a Scrum team of 3 developers?

    We offer a 15-day free MVP. Here’s how it generally works – 15 (days) x 8 (hours a day) = 120 hours. If you work with three developers, your free trial gets over when the sum of all developers complete 120 hours. As three developers work 8 hours a day, your free trial will complete in 5 days or a week.

    What does the 15-day free trial include?

    For the free trial, if you choose to work with just one developer, then the trial will include one small feature development or an MVP kind of solution with analysis, development, testing and delivery. If you are satisfied with the service then you can continue, if not then you are free to cancel.

    What are the norms for hiring a development team?

    You are free to select a team based on your requirement, from business analyst, developer (senior or junior), testing executive, and designer. The team you choose will be available with a given number of a dedicated unit for the billing including the 15-day free trial.

    How will I get to know when the free trial is completed?

    We will notify you on the completion of your free trial or prior, based on your requirement.

    Is a 15-day trial free?

    Yes, you can take up our 15-day risk free trial and understand our work process. During the trial free days we will understand the project, its requirements, and ways we can assign a team and work further. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel it anytime you want.

    Do you work according to different time zones?

    Yes! We do provide a team according to different time zones requirements. This helps us to serve customers better and provide them better solutions. Over the past decade, we have helped many clients by serving them round the clock and providing them all the necessary guidance.

    How do you manage the source code of the project?

    The source code of the project is handled by the latest software like Github, BitBucket, Gitlab, and more. The latest software helps us to stay updated with the market trends and work efficiently. This also helps us in defining our work process and makes our team give quality work to clients.

    What is your project management methodology?

    We follow Agile methodology, which helps us to serve our clients better. Additionally, Agile methodology has also enabled us to follow the iterative development process. This makes it easy to develop applications and add features or make changes when and where needed. Rely on our Android application development services and let us help you create great applications.

    Will you provide support and maintenance?

    Absolutely yes! Our customer and tech support team will help you round the clock and will guide you whenever you need help. If still you need to talk with the developer then it will help you further to connect as well. Moreover, you will also get timely maintenance updates which will make your application up and running.

    What makes the Android mobile app development company, Biztech, different from competitors?

    For 15+ years, we have been providing Android applications development services to our customers and have helped them to flourish their business. We have an expert team of developers who will guide you through the entire development phase and provide personalized guidance. Additionally, you can hire dedicated developers from us who will be working exclusively for your project and provide it with needed help. These things and our services as well as a strong client base makes us stand out from competitors.

    Can you help me with a custom Android application development service?

    Sure, our strong team of expert developers will help you with custom Android application development services. We can help you with Android game development, industry specific solutions, music apps, and more. They will also provide their inputs when and where needed and help businesses guide at every phase of development. Hence, you can define your features, and we will help you develop your applications.

    Will you help me with uploading applications on the play store?

    Yes! Our work does not get over with development. We will help you with uploading your application on Google Play Store and also help with further security updates, maintenance, OS version updates, and more.

    Which Android devices do you build applications for?

    We can help you build applications for devices that support Android. You get assistance with Android game development, watch apps, mobile apps, TV apps, tablets, and more. You name it, and we have a solution for you. Hire Android app developers and let us help you with Android mobile app development.

    Can you help me migrate iOS or web applications to Android?

    Of course! Our team can help you migrate your application from any operating system to Android operating system. Additionally, we can also help you with developing cross platform applications if needed.