6 Key Benefits of Asp.net Core for Enterprise Applications

Chandni Pandya

By : Chandni Pandya

6 Key Benefits of Asp.net Core for Enterprise Applications1

During earlier times, businesses didn’t have options to have customized enterprise applications with innovative features. To get the desired results, they had to spend relatively high costs. Talking about enterprise applications, one of the most prominent framework is: Asp.NET. It is a perfect blend of web development models containing all required services to build robust enterprise web applications. It is a new modular framework by Microsoft and .Net community that runs on Windows, .Net framework and cross platforms.

Asp.net core is open source with cross-platform support including CLI (Command Like Application). Formerly known as vNext, Asp.Net core supports Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. It also includes Mobile, Cloud and IOT based solutions along with a cloud-based environment. A lightweight and high performing Asp.net core web application development provides its own benefits to develop enterprise level web applications. 

Today, let’s disclose the benefits of Asp.net Core technology and know why enterprises that gamble on it are winning the market.

  1. Performance:
    One of the biggest benefits of Asp.net core is – performance. When you compile your code, it automatically optimizes it in order to increase the performance. The best part about this particular benefit is that you do not have to change your code. With re-compilation it optimizes the code directly.

    According to the study results from TechEmpower, Asp.net core’s performance is 859 times faster than the previous performance records! Isn’t that spectacular?! Now, these statistics give a long-term commitment and trust to Asp.net core web application development.
  2. Easy Updates:
    When it comes to .net framework, it becomes a bit tricky for any Asp.net development company to update new changes. Whenever new changes or updates come up, it becomes a compulsion to release a new framework version.
    For instance, after the introduction of its new attribute – routing, MVC 5 came into the market. Whereas, in Asp.net core development services, NuGet package manages every update. Therefore, with the new release of NuGet package version, you can get the new changes by updating packages.

    3. Command line Application
    Asp.net core provides command line, which supports all major platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Using Command line application,Asp.net development services can create, execute and host several applications.

    4. Easy Maintenance
    With Asp.net coding, less is more! As the language demands less coding, developers can optimize the coding structure and make it with as few statements as possible. And, the less coding, the easier it is to maintain.
    Keeping yourself updated with all the latest enhancements of the programming language is key. Always read and learn about the latest changes in the language. By doing so, you can enhance your maintenance standards.

    5. Cross-Platform
    When it comes to Asp.net development services for enterprises, it is mandatory that it supports all platforms as the framework is cross-platform. This means, you can easily build applications which run smoothly on Mac, Linux, and Windows with Asp.net core web application development. This also helps businesses with more exposure on other platforms.
    While developing cross-platform apps, you have to develop only frontend with the same C# code for the backend. With the new .NET standard libraries, you can develop your cross-platform application with maximum capabilities.

    6. Support for Cloud-Based Development
    It is always better to develop cloud-based applications. For large enterprises, Asp.net core provides the development of various types of web applications, Mobile back-end, Internet of things apps and much more!
    Thus, Asp.net Core is the ultimate solution for your enterprise business needs. Whether you are a small business or a huge corporation, ASP.net can help you develop your next amazing web application. Consult Asp.net development company today and get started!





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