A pharmaceutical company is always looking for robust field management software as it helps streamline distribution orders, optimize routes and planning, improve communication with pharmacists, monitor teams and technicians, and more. ServiceXpand is one such FSM software that facilitates pharma companies to stay compliant with regulatory requirements and streamline operations.

Whether you want to manage contracts, service work orders, Instruments, user management, fleet management, or service protocols, ServiceXpand can help you with everything under one roof. Let’s explore the various features and benefits of the ServiceXpand solution.

Herein we will discuss:

Features of ServiceXpand FMS

Service Work Order

Assign service work orders to the right engineers/pharmacists, allocate appropriate tools, manage SOPs and protocols for streamlined service work order management. Minimize paperwork and fieldwork and ensure smooth service execution right from resource allocation to fleet management.


Leverage ServiceXpand capabilities to maintain details of all analytical instruments. Manage instruments by linking them to a salesperson, customer, lab location, territory, instrument type, etc. With the geo-location tracking feature of ServiceXpand, help your technicians easily locate instruments when on the field.

Contracts Management

Use the all-in-one portal to manage your contract details, analyze requirements, and validate contracts for your pharma company. Manage your legal paperwork and ensure it abides by the scope of the service and streamlines contracts for analytical instruments that follow industry standards, all using ServiceXpand.

Integrated CRM & Accounting

Manage your customer interactions and flow with the in-built CRM of ServiceXpand. No more hassles of integrating a third-party CRM system as you can manage your operational and analytical processes all from a single interface.

User Management

Be it customers, employees, vendors, or technicians, manage everyone from a single interface for improved visibility and operations. Manage users based on specific filters that facilitate easier searching and management of users as per a defined timeline.

Fleet Management

ServiceXpand’s fleet management capabilities can help businesses like yours optimize operations. Right from the assignment of the vehicle to a particular service order to optimizing the on-road performance of the fleet, you can track everything with ServiceXpand and ensure timely delivery/ receipt of orders.

Service Protocols

Curate an intelligent service protocol and use our robust ServiceXpand software to streamline and execute your service in alliance with these protocols. The tools support multiple formats such as .docx, .pdf, .xlsx, and more so you can easily upload the service protocols and even authorize users to access such protocols.

Inventory Management

ServiceXpand helps you manage inventory smartly so you can have the right supplies and raw materials in your stock. You can manage a healthy level of inventory by tracking them without worrying about problems of out-stocking and overstocking and reduce unnecessary expenses.


Configure ServiceXpand for your unique workflow, customize modules, instrument data, and tools for your unique business requirements. You can configure models, instruments, and even interconnect tools for customizing your field service management software.

Calibration Tools

Leverage the complete ServiceXpand solution to manage equipment processing and ensure that they work at their maximum capability. Bifurcate your tools and equipment into multiple categories, ensure they have calibration certificates, and set alerts for quality procedures and expiration for maximum efficiency of your business unit.

Benefits of ServiceXpand


Integrated financial management for real-time financial tracking, automated billing, and invoice generation. Maintain complete transparency and accuracy for your finances with ServiceXpand.


Keep track of stock levels, equipment, and orders across multiple locations and enable automatic reordering of low-stock items to ensure seamless inventory management at all times.

Fleet Management

Track vehicle usage and schedule regular maintenance of vehicles with ServiceXpand. Calculate the most efficient and fastest routes for your fleet that help with reduced travel time and fuel consumption.


Store and manage customer details and interactions with an in-built CRM system. Ensure timely and effective communication with clients and customers for service reminders, updates, and feedback.

Service Work Orders

Service Xpand efficiently manages work orders from creation to closure, enhancing workflow and customer satisfaction. It also allows field technicians to access and update work orders in real-time, directly from the field.

MSDS & Protocol Sheets

It provides instant access to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and protocol sheets, ensuring the safe handling of substances and compliance with safety regulations.