Apple Watch: Helping Businesses Increase their Productivity

Hiral Thaker

By : Hiral Thaker

Apple Watch: Helping Businesses Increase their Productivity1

When it comes to wearables, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Apple Watch! They are the pioneers of the wearables industry and showed others how advanced they could be. Every year, Apple comes with some new features for their Apple Watch and makes it more equivalent to a phone. There is almost nothing which you cannot do with your Apple Watch. Be it calling, sending messages, making transactions, and more.

When it launched its first series in 2014, it was initially branded as a decorative band watch, but later was introduced with the fitness perspective. It changed the entire consumer experience and ways users look at the watches. This was the new and important revolution which changed the market for good.

Today, businesses as well as end-consumers are using the power of Apple Watch for their daily tasks. According to reports by MacRumors, today there are more than 100 million users of Apple Watch. In this article, we are going to see how much benefits Apple Watch provides to businesses and ways it can increase the productivity of employees.

In-built Features of Apple Watch:


Talk to Siri:

To talk with Siri, you don’t necessarily need your iPhone. Using Apple Watch you can initiate Siri and pass on commands. Your iPhone will be in sync with your iPhone and this will provide you an option to give commands.

You can ask Siri, to make a call, send a message, read messages, any important events coming up, and more. It just needs an internet connection and syncing it with your iPhone and voila, you are good to go.

Send Messages Quickly:

Most of the time to send a message, we would use our phone i.e. open the phone, go to a particular contact, type message, and then send them. This practice can be dangerous while driving or when you are out somewhere. But now, using Apple Watch, you can enable Siri and ask it to send a message to a particular contact you want.

Just say, “Hey Siri, message Steve that dinner is fixed at 7:00”

This new way will give you an opportunity to connect and communicate with your loved ones quickly and safely. No more need to carry out complex procedure of texting, either you can do manually or ask Siri to do it for you.

Check Notifications:

During our busy schedules, it is very obvious to miss on some important messages, meetings, or calls. This is when having an Apple Watch comes to your rescue. If you keep the sync with your phone, it will notify you of all the notifications which you can easily check on the go. If you are overwhelmed with all notifications coming your way you can even clear them from your Apple watch’s face and revert people on time.

Make/ Receive a Call:

Answering calls while driving is dangerous, but what to do during some important situations where you are getting late and also need to answer a call? This when Apple Watch can help. It provides you with a feature to make or receive calls easily. Using the small speaker or your Air pods you can receive the call from anywhere at any time. However, to make a call it does not provide you with an option of dial-pad, you will have to ask Siri to make a call, but it will still help. Thus, use your Apple Watch to its full potential.

Pay using Apple Pay:

Apple Watch is not only for making or receiving calls or messages, it has gone one step further with an aim to provide better services to users. Now, you can make any transactions easily using Apple Pay via your Apple Watch.

To make the payment via Apple pay just double click the side button of your Apple Watch, hold the Apple watch display near the contactless radar and wait until you feel a gentle tap. Hence, your payment happens with just a few clicks. No more need to carry cash, multiple cards, or even phones anymore.


Again, and again checking your next turn or missing voice command directions can be difficult, or think of a scenario where you have missed to set a navigation and getting late for your next meeting. Apple Watch will help you to overcome all these issues. With the help of it you can easily ask Siri for navigation and it will direct you to your desired location hassle-free.

Note: You can also change the wrist-band according to your wish. Every six months Apple comes with new bands according to seasons, so now use the one which represents your uniqueness.

Going further, let’s look at the way third party apps are useful to make your businesses operations smooth and help you to fulfil daily tasks.

Benefits of Using Third-Party Apps:

For Apple Watch app development, you will need to use a watch kit which will help you develop and integrate third-party apps with Apple Watch. Let’s see some of the most useful apps for businesses:

Customer Relationship Management Apps:

Businesses have started understanding the need to provide their employees with customers’ data on the go. Hence, many CRM companies have started supporting Apple Watch Apps. This has helped many employees to work faster and enhance their productivity. Following are the three major apps which have helped many businesses to serve their customers better and also provide ease to employees by searching and analyzing data from anywhere at any time:


SalesForce has over 30% of market share in the CRM space. They were also the first ones to develop the Apple Watch app of their CRM. This helped many businesses to leverage the power of Salesforce CRM and customers’ data to understand their customers better.

Using this, your employees can easily access and understand customers’ data from anywhere at any time. They have easy access to all the raw information which helps salespeople to close the deal and also find potential customers. Additionally, it even helps marketing teams to understand their customers and make data-driven decisions.


SalesForce is mainly useful for companies which are of large or medium size. But, what about the small size companies? Salesforce has major features which are not useful to small size companies, this is when Bottomline CRM comes to help. They provide Apple Watch applications which employees can use to know their customers better.

The app generates a full report on who your customers are, their purchasing history, customers’ personas for your business, and more. All this information will help you to get better deals and provide better customer services.


GRO is a useful CRM for small businesses, it comes with an interactive dashboard and provides all the necessary information like customer details, customer and lead management, scheduling appointments, and more. All this information will help your sales team to work efficiently and take necessary actions. If you don’t want to go with the pre-built features of CRM and want to have some custom features, you can develop it. Reach out to IT companies like Biztech which can help you with Apple Watch app development and create your own custom CRM features according to your business model.

Having these apps on Apple Watch can help your employees to work efficiently, increase their productivity, help you close more leads, and get more clients.

Productivity Apps:



When it comes to taking notes, Ever-Note is the leader. You can easily make notes on any document and share it across the devices which includes even Apple Watch. Now, you can view, edit, delete, and share your notes on the go. Now, with having EverNote on your employees’ hand this makes it easy for them to make notes and share them across.

Cisco Webex:

Join the meeting from anywhere. With the help of Cisco Webex app for Apple Watch your employees can join the meeting, share screen and give presentations, schedule meetings, chat with other employees, and more. This will make it easy for them to be in contact with the office team and be on the same page.


Keeping track of your schedule is very important as it helps you to finish your schedule timely. It will help you build a habit of tracking and fulfilling your goals on time. Additionally, it also provides you with the data in .CSV format so you can export, share and save it for future reference.

Develop your Own Custom Application:

To increase the productivity of your employees and in turn increase your sales you can start with creating custom applications. Some of the major benefits of custom Apple Watch applications is you can create features according to your business’ needs. Reach out to companies like Biztechwhich can help you with Apple Watch app development. Do research with your team and ask them what are the challenges they face in their daily tasks, and accordingly decide features for your application. Thus, give them comfort, try to make their work easy, and in turn this will help them by increasing their productivity and better work performance.


In the constant changing time of technology, you can do everything with a few clicks. Apple Watch is truly revolutionizing the way we interact with technology and do everyday tasks. Now with having everything at your fingertips, doing everyday things with technology is fun. Apart from this, if you need to develop custom applications our team will be happy to help you with development services. We have been serving in the industry for a decade and have helped many companies with Apple Watch app development services. So, reach out to us and we will be happy to help you.


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