Chat Bubbles, AI, and Dark Mode: Defining Conversations in Tech

Kanchi Vasavada

By : Kanchi Vasavada

Chat Bubbles, AI, and Dark Mode: Defining Conversations in Tech1

Developer conference season is here, and while the Google I/O didn’t happen, Android’s 11th version did come out with their first public beta. However, it is only available on Pixel devices as of now. The new features include one of the best solutions to mobile messaging and notifications. The notifications are of three kinds:  Conversations, Alerts, And Silent Notifications. The conversations from here can be put into bubbles like Facebook’s messenger has.

Now I don’t like having all those bubbles on my screen. But it is a smoother way of navigating the 5 different messaging apps which get roughly 500 messages on active days. Messages from friends and family are sometimes chatty, then there are a number of promotional messages I’d like to happily ignore and a work chat app that gives updates in multiple channels. Out of all this, the bubbles allow you to pin people you are talking to and shift others to silent alerts. It is really neat. That way, I’d never miss out on my work team’s editorial related updates, or my sister’s chat, at the same time I don’t have to be distracted by chatty groups.

Apart from that, the changes are more of a refinement rather than full on overhauls. Refinements like changes in the location permissions, etc. The device lock screen works as the “keys and wallet” with your Google Pay configured right there, as well as your smart devices like locks and lights.

Next week is Apple’s developer conference, WWDC, which will bring updates to iOS, MacOS, tvOS, and WatchOS. It’s shaping up to be a few interesting and promising weeks in the middle of the darkness in the world. Oh, and it’s free.

If you are a developer working on any of these platforms, you are going to be busy. Feel free to tell us your favorite new feature, released or rumoured on our Twitter.

I don’t know how but I end up talking about AI even when I don’t realize it. But today, it is very intentional, and kind of interesting, if not exciting. India and countries like the USA, UK, EU, Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and more have joined hands to make an alliance on Artificial Intelligence.

“By joining GPAI as a founding member, India will actively participate in the global development of Artificial Intelligence, leveraging its experience around use of digital technologies for inclusive growth,” a statement from the Indian government.

In an article on LinkedIn that our CEO, Maulik Shah published regarding AI, he says, “Artificial intelligence has to be the best of us and all of us.” Being a country that contributes as a founding member is a huge responsibility.

Oh and for fellow space nerds who want to learn something new: ISRO Launches Free Online Course You Can Finish In A Week. I love how COVID-19 has made so much education free and more accessible. Oh and globally accessible. Like it should be.

iOS has audio tweets now, well for some users anyway (it’s a gradual roll out), but no one has an edit button. How many times have you made a typo and realized it after the tweet was gone? TOO MANY times.

My favourite rumour today is that Google Docs for Android might get a dark theme. I cannot wait for that to then happen on iOS, and on the web! I love Docs, and I love working in the middle of the night even more. Can’t believe they finally heard my repeated feedback. 

I love the move to dark-mode-everything! 

More, next week.

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