Creating an eBook Store App That Users Love to Interact With

Yesha Bhatt

By : Yesha Bhatt

Creating an eBook Store App That Users Love to Interact With1

When there are giants like Kindle, Barnes & Noble, etc. who have a loyal user base, it may seem difficult to get people talking about your eBook store app. Is it really? Well, no. Hardcore readers like to try new things. Whether it’s a new genre or a new digital platform to purchase books.

Since we are specifically talking about a store and not an eBook app, the focus is more on the online store functionality and not on the reading aspect. Here are two most important aspects to keep in mind when designing an eBook store

  • Make the design as user-friendly as possible with a simple store listing.
  • Use categories & search filters to help users find what niche/author book they want to buy.

Ebook Store

With an engaging UI/UX, users are likely to interact. If you have an idea to create a unique eBook store, we are ready to assist you in designing exactly what you have imagined. Let’s talk about how you can build an eBook store, and market it to readers across the globe.


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