Designing Yoga Workout Apps That Help Achieve Fitness Goals

Yesha Bhatt

By : Yesha Bhatt

Designing Yoga Workout Apps That Help Achieve Fitness Goals1

A yoga fitness app is like a pocket instructor that tells the user to carry it everywhere. To make it more personalized, you need to create an effective UI. If you look at some popular apps in the app store, they are not just good at performance metrics but are beautifully designed to motivate the user.

Asana Rebel is a healthy lifestyle app. It’s not just for fitness but includes the whole spectrum of wellness and health. It has a pleasing and minimalist black-and-white design. Scrolling through the app is itself so relaxing. It includes various features like plank challenges, workout challenges, fitness level, quizzes, and more. The reason why the app’s UX stands out is that in spite of all these features, users don’t feel overwhelmed.

Yoga Workout Mobile Application

Designing the mobile user experience is hard. And with yoga apps that involve loads of information, and curated workout sessions, it’s harder. But not when you have a team of experts on your side to assist you from stage one. Let’s design a yoga app that users never miss a workout.


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