The Power of Enterprise Shopify Development for Business Expansion

Priyanka Ghosh

By : Priyanka Ghosh

The Power of Enterprise Shopify Development for Business Expansion1


If you own an eCommerce store or looking for the best eCommerce platforms that facilitate the easy creation of online stores, you must have heard of Shopify. It is a proprietary eCommerce platform for developing and managing online stores and retail POS systems. 

As companies seek a scalable, flexible, and feature-rich online store, the demand for platforms like Shopify keeps increasing. Simply because it provides complete scalability and lets you build online stores with minimal coding experience. 

While small to medium-scale businesses may find this useful, large-scale enterprises with elaborate business needs require advanced capabilities. Enterprise Shopify Development can be beneficial in this regard. 

If you are wondering how it can benefit you, this blog post is just what you are looking for! 

What is Enterprise Shopify Development?

Developing a feature-rich and scalable online store for a large-scale business on the Shopify eCommerce platform is known as Enterprise Shopify development. You have to customize and add more advanced features to accommodate the evolving needs of modern-day audiences. 

With Shopify Enterprise Development, you can build, manage, and sell flexibly to a wider audience. While Shopify Basic to Advanced plans are dedicatedly built for various business sizes, even the Advanced plan might not be sufficient for large enterprises with more complex needs. 

For instance, if your business deals with over 100,000 sales a month, Shopify recommends you upgrade to Shopify Plus. With Shopify Plus, you are more equipped to cater to a larger audience segment. You can sell seamlessly with zero restrictions on the number of monthly sales, you get personalized support from Shopify specialists, and more such exciting features. 

So, let’s learn more about it! 

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is an Enterprise-level offering of the eCommerce platform Shopify. It is built dedicatedly to meet the critical challenges Enterprises face in setting up and managing online stores. Shopify Plus users can provide a customized solution for easily maintaining high-growth and high-volume traffic. 

If you have already used Shopify Advanced or any other lower versions and need more extensive features, you can go for Shopify Plus. With advanced capabilities like dedicated support, wholesale channels, improved security, and scalability, it prepares you for a seamless and profitable eCommerce experience. 

Let’s check the various features you get to enjoy with Shopify Plus! 

Shopify Plus Features for Ecommerce Enterprises

1. High Scalability 

In Shopify eCommerce development, you don’t have to worry about hosting as the platform itself takes care of it. However, the various plans you choose determine how scalable your online store will be. 

Shopify Plus is known for its high scalability, allowing you to manage high volumes of sales and traffic. You don’t have to worry about your website crashing anymore with Shopify’s unlimited bandwidth. So, even if you see a surge in traffic during the sale or peak time, your store will function effortlessly. 

2. Advanced Customization Capabilities 

Shopify Plus presents you with advanced Custom Shopify development capabilities that can help elevate your store’s checkout experience and user interface. 

  • You get a plethora of Shopify Plus themes to choose from. Either pick the themes as it is or customize them to your taste that reflect your brand identity. You get more options for themes with Shopify Plus. 
  • Customize your store’s checkout module by adding custom scripts, dynamic pricing, shipping options, upsells, and more. You can simplify your checkout module, minimize checkout steps, and reduce the cart abandonment rate significantly. 
  • Get access to advanced customization capabilities with Shopify’s Liquid templating engine and build engaging and aesthetically pleasing storefronts.

3. Exclusive Shopify Plus Apps 

With Shopify Plus, you gain access to apps and advanced API resources that are specifically designed for your enterprise-level business. From automation of sales and promotion events to creation of custom workflows, these apps can help you add advanced functionalities to your online store. 

Furthermore, you can connect to a Shopify development company in USA and seek help developing an app catered to your needs from scratch. You can meet specific challenges of your business and perform better in terms of growth and productivity. 

4. Improved Security Features 

While Shopify as a platform comes with ultimate security features, the Plus version provides improved security features that protect your store as well as your customer’s sensitive data. Some of the notable security features of Shopify are: 

  • Secure payment processing with PCI DSS Level 1 compliance
  • SSL encryption 
  • Timely security updates and monitoring 

5. Wholesale Channel Capabilities 

Do you have a separate wholesale and retail store? Do you want to get your wholesale store online or integrate a POS system to it? Or maybe, offer wholesale pricing in your retail store during sales events? 

If yes, Shopify Plus is a boon for you! With its built-in wholesale capabilities, you can tend to your B2B and B2C audiences seamlessly through a common platform. It calls for better synchronization, improved productivity, and less probably of manual errors. 

Some key features you can enjoy with Shopify Plus would be: 

  • Dedicated wholesale store 
  • Invoicing and bulk order management so you can sell huge quantities seamlessly 
  • Custom pricing tiers dedicated to your wholesale customers 

You can further seek help from a Shopify development company and streamline your retail and wholesale operations smoothly. 

6. Multi-Channel and International Commerce 

Selling to a wider audience segment is made possible by opting for Shopify Plus. With features like multi-currency support, you can enable global audiences to purchase from your store without hesitation. The multi-language support further gives your audience a localized shopping experience, helping you mitigate international boundaries. 

The multiple store management functionality further helps manage stores for different regions and customer segments. You can further connect with Shopify partners and avail Shopify store development service for professional assistance in this regard. 

7. Dedicated Support 

While all Shopify users do get 24/7 support to quickly address any issues that arrive, Shopify Plus users also get assistance from a personalized Shopify manager. You can always connect to them for strategizing and optimizing your online store with Shopify Plus capabilities. 

Shopify Vs Shopify Plus for Business Expansion

The robust and scalable eCommerce platform Shopify equips you with tools and resources that makes setting up and managing online store an easy feat. However, if you are an Enterprise or planning to scale up your business, choosing the right Shopify plan becomes the first and foremost step. 

Thus, let’s explore the key differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus before you avail of Shopify development services. 

Categories Shopify  Shopify Plus 
Business Size  Small to mid-scale businesses  Mid to large scale enterprises 
Sales Restrictions  There’s no restriction as such. But, if your monthly sales surpass 100,000, Shopify will recommend switching to Plus.  No restrictions 
Customization and Control  Minimal  Complete control and customization 
Collaboration and Staff Account  15 staff accounts maximum  Unlimited staff accounts 
API Integration  Basic  Extnesive AP integrations (including beta access) 
Wholesale Channel  Not available  Available 
Automation  Basic Extensive with the help of Shopify Plus apps and APIs 
Multichannel Integration  Basic  Advanced + Shopify POS for physical store sales 
Pricing  Basic – $29/month 

Shopify – $79/month 

Advanced – $299/month 

Shopify Plus – Begins at $2,000/month with variable fee for high volume businesses 
Online Credit Card Rates  No transaction fee on using Shopify Payments. If you use other payment processor, you will have to pay 2.9% + 30 cents on Basic and 2.4% + 30 cents on Advanced for credit card transactions.  Quote-based fee. In case of third-party payment processors, a 0.3% transaction fee is levied. 
3rd-Party Payment Provider Fee Basic: 2% 

Shopify: 1% 

Advanced: 0.5% 

Sopify Plus: 0.15% 
Inventory Locations  Up to 8 for Shopify Advanced  Up to 20 inventory locations and may extend after connecting with Shopify team 
Support  24 X 7 support available through emails, chats, and phone calls  
  • Access to merchant success program 
  • A dedicated launch manager is provided for personalized support 

Shopify, with its extensive feature set and capabilities, prepares you to combat critical business challenges. You can pick any of the Shopify versions depending on your specific business goals and growing customer base. 

You can also check other Top 5 eCommerce platforms and decide the best one for yourself!


Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform that works its magic for every kind of business and every size of business. And the best part is, it lets you scale up your business without any complications at any point in time. 

The platform also gives you a free-trial option to gauge the performance and workings of the platform. You can pick any of the Shopify plans on a monthly or yearly basis, as per your convenience. However, if you are choosing Shopify Plus, you will have to opt for a yearly subscription. 

With this guide, you should be able to compare the  various ins and outs of Shopify eCommerce platform. Remember to choose a plan that best suit your long-term interests. You can also connect to a Shopify website development company and seek consultation regarding the same besides the technical assistance. 

Looking for one such Shopify development company? BiztechCS might help you out on this front. Connect with our Shopify experts or hire Shopify developers to get started on your eCommerce journey today! 


Can Shopify scale to large businesses?

Yes, Shopify can scale up for large businesses. With plans like Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus, you can extend your eCommerce store’s capabilities, reach to global audience, and provide seamless shopping experience through and through. 

With unlimited number of sales and unlimited bandwidth, your online store becomes scalable, capable of handling huge traffic at peak hours or sales events. 

Does Shopify build custom apps for my business?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that facilitates setting up and managing online stores for businesses of all sizes. It itself does not build any custom apps. However, you can find a plethora of applications built by third-party Shopify developers. You can also get your in-house team to build a custom Shopify app or seek help from a Shopify development company regarding the same. 

How can I develop a private app for my Shopify store?

Shopify lets you develop your own app on the platform. You will have to make sure that you have a Shopify plan in place and access to create a private app. The option to create a private app can be found in the “Apps” section, under “managing private apps”. 

Once you create an app and configure app settings with the needed functionalities, you have to test your app for usability before deploying. Since you have developed a private app, the app won’t be available in the Shopify app store for public use. 

A reputed Shopify development company can also help in this regard with their nuanced expertise in Shopify and eCommerce. You can seek help from experts to build a more refined and advanced application that is not already available in the Shopify App Store. 

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