Step-By-Step Guide of Event Booking App Development

Hiral Thaker

By : Hiral Thaker

Step-By-Step Guide of Event Booking App Development1

With the rise in the number of events being organized, managing them will be very difficult. To ease this process, technology plays a vital role. Like every other thing which has an app, the event industry is not left behind. In fact, long back, even before dot com domain bubble busts, companies like CVent had already started out. With rapid growth in technology, companies have started catching up with the changing times.

Planning any event is a huge deal and needs plenty of focus in every department which is of course difficult for one person. Companies have started understanding these challenges and are leveraging technology to find a better solution i.e., an application.

Yes, today companies are investing in event booking app development which helps event organizers to connect with their audience. According to Statista, the event booking app market is estimated to grow by 11.6 billion US dollars. There is a huge scope for event booking apps to grow in coming years.


If you are thinking of building your own company and want to build an event booking app, don’t give it a second thought. This is the perfect time for event booking app development. Here, I will walk you through how to develop an event booking app, benefits, other leading companies, etc.


Event Booking App Development
Event Booking App Development


What is an Event Booking App?

The general idea is having a platform where other event organizers can come and add their event details and reach wider audiences. Companies like CVent, AllEvents, etc., are some of the leading examples. This approach helps both event organizers and users and you too will earn income based on your business model.

Next up, let’s see some of the challenges which the event planning industry was facing before.

Challenges Before an Application:


Standing in Long Queues:

Customers would need to stand in long queues for hours before the day of the event to get tickets. Moreover, till the day of the event they would have to take care of the tickets and not lose them. These things were worrisome.

Lack of Awareness of Rules and Regulations:

There was no transparency between the organizers and the attendees about the rules and regulations of the event. This would increase the phone calls every now and then to ask organizers multiple questions like:

  • Can I carry food or water?
  • Are there changes in event time?
  • Is the event confirmed?
  • I need 2 more tickets, is it available?
  • What is the refund policy?

And so much more. These questions would increase the workload of event organizers too and become difficult for them to focus on other important tasks.

Lack of Navigation:

If customers are travelling to another city to attend certain events, they are very likely to get lost and not reach the event on time. Moreover, they will need to constantly keep on asking locals and there are chances of getting lost and not reaching the event on time.

These problems are likely to grow over time and having unhappy customers is the worst thing. They are less likely to come back to you and enjoy your services, as a result, your ROI will decrease.

However, all these were problems of the past. All thanks to revolution in technology and increasing demand for mobile app development and websites. Event booking apps are solving all these major problems and helping customers to enjoy the event instead of going through all other chaos.

How Event Booking App Can Solve These Issues:


Complete Detail of Events:

Customers have complete details of events like date, time, paid or free event, ticket cost (if paid event), venue, integration of maps for easy navigation, detailed information about the event, etc. All these details will decrease the back and forth of customers and will answer all their questions. They can make an informed decision before booking tickets.

Go Paperless:

All thanks to the event booking app, customers no longer need to carry hard copies of tickets. They just need to book tickets and e-tickets will be generated in the app and the same will be emailed to them. No more need to carry tickets everywhere and constantly keep an eye on them. Tickets go where your phone goes with you. 😉

Integrate Maps:

Getting lost while searching for the location is highly possible. But not anymore. You can integrate Google Maps or Apple Maps into your application when you start with event app development. With the help of the app, customers can easily navigate to the location and reach safely on time.

Stay Connected and Build Community:

There is nothing like building your own community. Event booking apps help organizers to plan an event, invite interested people, and build a small local community of people who share the same interests. One of the great examples of such a platform is Meetup. They help people who share the same interests come together and build a local community. Provide your organizers a platform where they can stay connected and build a community.

Increase Ad Revenue:

You can invite other people to run ad campaigns on your platform at a fixed amount and you too can earn income out of it. Those third-party businesses can gain customers as your app is expected to stay on mobile phones for a long time.

Are you all set to create event booking app? Reach out to us to have a demo of MVP of an event booking application.

Types of Event Apps:

When you plan to develop event booking app, there are various types of events and each of them has different requirements. Hence, they need different apps with features curated just for them. Let’s see three different types of event apps.

Local Event Apps:

Local events are happening every day around us, but the major question is how customers can keep track of all local events. This is where companies like Meetup and AllEvents are playing a major role; customers can search for their nearby events by their current location or manually. Helping users to meet like-minded people!

Conference and Business Meetings:

Event apps are the backbone of conferences and business meetings. Professionals can manage and organize events at a large scale and decrease the hassle of running around the place to connect with attendees. If you intend to target companies, you can build the best event booking apps around them and curate features according to their needs.

Event App for Festivals:

Festivals are all round the year. During the festive season when events are organized, you can notify users about the upcoming events in their local areas. With all the details mentioned already they can easily register for the event.

Most of the time you can either focus on one of them or develop event booking system which provides all these facilities. Depending on the business model and target audience, choose the one which suits you.

Next up, let’s see a complete step-by-step guide on how to develop an event booking app, monetize it, things to consider while designing, developing, leading companies, etc.

Time to Turn Event Booking Development a Reality:


Understand Market and Target Audience:

Understand Market and Target Audience
Understanding the market and knowing your customers in-depth is very important. Your first step when you decide to develop event booking app and carry out market research and know the requirements of the market, know your competitors, their business model, etc., this will give insights into the market and how businesses work.

When you decide to create event booking app, understanding your target audience is one of the important factors to decide which features are perfect for your users. While you carry out market research, you will find out your target audience and gain complete understanding of users and markets’ needs.

Design User-Centric Applications:

Once you have carried out your research and decided features, your next step is to design an application which is user-centric. Companies across the world have started to understand the power of good design and how it can shape their company. Think the new Material You (UI from Google for Android 12), users are loving the minimalistic and simple design which the companies are providing. It makes their hardware or software look sleek and clean.

Moreover, that’s the same thing in designing applications. For example, think about the design of Netflix. It is so easy for users to use the application on their own and understand how to operate it. Easy navigation and simplistic design have helped Netflix gain billions of users. Hence, investing in the UI/UX of your application is an essential part, it will help you to grow your user base, retain your customers, and expand your business.

Develop Technical Stack:


Booking App Development Tech Stack
Booking App Development Tech Stack

When you create event booking app, it will be used by thousands of users and so it needs to work seamlessly without any downtime. To keep more uptime, you will need to use tech-stacks which are stronger, secure, and reliable. There are multiple programming languages used for development for different types of event booking applications. With the help of the right technical stack build the perfect application.

There are two ways of developing your application: cross platform app development and native app development. Depending on your business logic, pick your development model and go for it. Remember, before deciding, you need to carry out complete market research with the pros and cons of each development model and which will suit your application and user base.

If you don’t want to go through all the technical jargon, it’s completely alright, we understand. Reach out to us and our expert developers will know your project requirements and will help you to select the right tech stack plus answer all your questions on how to build an event booking app.

Define your Features:

Customer Panel:

Booking App Customer Panel

  • Category and Location-based Searching:Customers can search for events location wise and apply further filters like category, date, time, etc.
  • Booking Details:Customers can see the details of their booking, like ticket numbers, time, etc.
  • In-app Secure Payment:Once customers have selected the event they want to attend, they can securely make a payment using in-app payment integrations.
  • Wallet Management:Customers can transfer money to and from their bank account and app’s wallet and can view complete transaction history month, week, and year wise.
  • Dashboard:Upon signing in, customers can view their personalized dashboards. They can view events in three different categories, featured events, popular events, and super offer events. Provide your users a better in-depth and personalized dashboard.
  • Event Details:Customers can have complete information about event details with fare, location, and timings.
  • Navigation:Once customers have booked the tickets, they can navigate to the location with in-app map integration.

Vendor/ Event Manager Panel:

Booking App Event Manager Panel

  • Register/Update Event Locations:Vendors can register their event locations and update the event with necessary details. Providing customers with complete information of the upcoming event so they can book an event.
  • Event Manager Profile:Upon logging in or signing up, vendors or event managers can have a complete personalized dashboard with all necessary information.
  • Add/Update Event Details:Vendors can easily add and update event details with date, time, location, etc., and provide their users with updated event details when and where needed.
  • Configure Cost and Cancellation Policy:Vendors can configure cost and cancellation policy for each event according to their needs, sponsors, and location.
  • Instant Booking:Upon enabling this, customers can book event tickets and will be automatically accepted. Thus, decreasing the workload of vendors/ event managers.
  • Wallet Management:Vendors can view each transaction; they can view the number of successful bookings and failed bookings.

Admin Panel:

Event Booking App Admin Panel

  • Approve/Reject Event Manager Request:Admin can easily approve or reject the event manager’s request from the upcoming events.
  • Manage Event Managers:Admin can manage event managers, have access to all important information like name, address, details of upcoming events, etc.
  • Manage Customers:Admin can manage customers and gain all necessary details like name, their upcoming events, payment status, etc.
  • Manage Event Categories:Admin can categorize events and manage them efficiently.



Booking App Development Monitization
Booking App Development Monitization

Premium Version:

When you build event booking app, this is the easiest way to monetize your application and provide your users with a great experience. Make your application completely paid and provide users with features which helps them to efficiently manage and plan entire events easily. Moreover, you can define your premium model in two ways, either subscription based or yearly based. Depending on their requirements, users will choose the payment tier.

Add Service Charge:

As an event management company, you can add service charge of fixed amount on each ticket booked via your application. During checkout, you can show the breakdown of it to your customers and be as transparent as possible. This model is the most common for every aggregator and provides them an opportunity to serve their customers in the best possible way.

In-App Ad Marketing:

Being an aggregator, you can provide vendors/ event managers with a platform where they can advertise their upcoming events.

Capitalize on Partnership:

You can sign a deal with other companies like Lyft or Uber so that attendees can easily get a ride to and from the event directly via your application.

Moreover, you can also use digital marketing and social media marketing on various platforms and increase your reach on various search engines. Hence, reach a wider audience. For more guidance on methods of monetization you can reach out to us, and our marketing team will understand your requirements and develop marketing strategies which will help you to increase your ROI.


Next up, let’s see some of the leading companies who have invested heavily in ticket booking app development and are currently leading in the event planning industry:


CVent is one of the leading companies in the field of event planning, hosting, and managing. Due to pandemic, they’ve gone one step further and now also provide virtual event hosting and planning services in their app. Having been in the market for more than decade they understand their users in and out and thus provide solutions for the B2B and B2C market. They have a 23000+ customer base globally and 280,000+ hotels and venues listed on their supplier network, making them one of the largest companies in the event booking industry.


Meetup is another leading company in the event booking industry. Their main aim is to bring like-minded people together and build a local community. They have millions of users and local communities which help people to connect, follow their passion, network, and build great connections.


Eventbase is providing their services to leading companies like Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Verizon, and more. They have different solutions for each event like festival apps, corporate event apps, conference apps, sports event apps, etc. Depending on their requirements, users can select the one which suits them best.

Meeting Application:

Meeting Application is another leading app which provides their vast number of services for each event. They have leading clients like DHL, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Reebok, and more. They provide their application in three different tiers i.e., plus, premium, and standalone.


Yapp is another leading event booking application which focuses on building a local community of like-minded people. Their main USP is providing access to their application even without an internet connection.


AllEvents is an India based company having their clients in almost every country. Till date they have 6 million users, 9 million organizers, and 250 million events. They are known for their free services without any additional ads.


Event planning is not difficult anymore. All thanks to event booking app development companies who can help you start a business in this emerging market and provide you with a great solution.Invest in event booking app development, start a business, and invite event managers and users to have a great experience with creating an event and attending one.

If you are searching for a technical partner, you are at the right place. Having been in the industry for more than decade we have helped more than 1000 clients to set up their business and expand it. We have a strong team of developers, designers, testers, and marketers who can help you at each stage of event booking app development. We are just a call away!

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