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How to Design a Music Player App – A Lesson From The Giants1

How to Design a Music Player App - A Lesson From The Giants

By : Yesha Bhatt

Apps like Pandora, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. are popular due to the convenience they bring to the users. If you want to create a music player application, it’s good to get some insights into the UX of popular music streaming applications. Let’s take two giants – Spotify and Apple Music for example, and see how their core component (player) works.

There’s an obvious contrast between these two apps. Both the apps highlight the visuals but have a different color scheme. Apple Music is predominantly white while Spotify goes with the dark color. With Apple Music, the volume bar eats up most of the space. (Users can adjust the volume using buttons on the phone – Major facepalm for Apple Music!). On Spotify, there are more options like skip, play, repeat, etc. available.

Music Player

Every app has a different design approach. But the emphasis is on how to make the application convenient for the user. If you have an idea to create a music player app, we can help you with building an amazing design. Let’s get in touch.

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