How Laravel Framework is Shaping the Future of Web Development?

Devik Gondaliya

By : Devik Gondaliya

How Laravel Framework is Shaping the Future of Web Development?1

Today, almost every enterprise is embracing online platforms to automate and streamline their business operations. 

There is a cut-throat competition for managing the best online presence, elevating sales, and outstanding engagement. 

Many frameworks and programming languages are available to choose from, which makes it difficult the best for your business.  

Laravel is a popular open-source framework that provides tons of features and capabilities for quickly and effectively developing complex projects. Laravel development company leverages this framework, which combines web development agility, utmost flexibility, and simple coding. 

A recent survey by BuiltWith shows that more than 1,723,038 websites leveraged Laravel historically, whereas currently, approximately 743,470 websites are powered by Laravel. 

In this blog, we will explore the Laravel framework and its benefits and learn its future scope. Let’s start with the basics.

What is Laravel Framework?

In simple terms, Laravel is a powerful PHP framework that assists you in developing applications using simple and easy-to-use syntax. 

With its powerful features and vibrant community, the framework has gained popularity among developers globally. 

Just like any other popular web framework, Laravel also follows a model-view-controller (MVC) approach to development. This means that the development process is divided into three primary components:

  • Model: How data is managed on the site or app.
  • View: This is the visual representation of the data. CSS/HTML mostly manages this.
  • Controllers: As the name suggests, this controls the data displayed to users. When a user interacts with the website, it fetches the right data from the model and shows it to the user with the help of the view component.

As you can imagine, this MVC approach to website development will have numerous benefits, which include quicker development times, higher scalability, and hassle-free maintenance.

Why do Businesses Require a Laravel Framework?

Here are some of the reasons for choosing the Laravel framework for web development:

1. Open-source Platform: Laravel is an open-source framework that allows developers to build complex and large websites easily without incurring any cost. All they need is PHP and a text editor.

2. Quick Load Time: Laravel enables quick load time, which offers enhanced website performance and better revenue.

3. Advanced Features: Laravel is loaded with advanced and cutting-edge features that facilitate developers’ building high-quality, user-friendly, and easy-to-manage web applications.

4. Less Development Time: Laravel not only offers simple development of highly complex and responsive websites but also enables quick development time. The framework is perfect for small and medium-sized projects.

5. Rich Built-in Library: The framework contains a unique and rich set of libraries that facilitate developers’ building a website from scratch. They can use several blades, templates, and other tools to make the website enticing, user-friendly, and unique.

Benefits of Laravel Framework

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1. High Security:

Security is the top priority for every business. With Laravel, advanced security features are easy to integrate on all websites to enhance security and secure sites from cyber criminals and hackers. 

Technically speaking, Laravel uses a Bcrypt hashing algorithm, meaning it will not save any passwords in the database. 

When compared to other PHP frameworks, Laravel also has outstanding user authentication and restricted access features that are easy to create. These features keep your and your customers’ data secure.

2. Enhanced Website Performance:

Unlike other PHP frameworks, Laravel supports caching for websites out-of-the-box, which is perfect for boosting a site’s speed. 

To further enhance your website’s performance, Laravel makes other speed optimization techniques, like memory use reduction and database indexing, really easy to configure. This makes the framework the perfect choice for businesses if website speed and SEO friendliness are some of your requirements.

3. Easy Third-party Integration:

Every website needs to be integrated with third-party apps. This might include a payment system such as PayPal or Stripe or a marketing tool that your enterprise uses. 

Regardless of the integration, Laravel makes integrating third-party apps easy with its APIs. 

Hence, it doesn’t matter if your website needs a payment system or an automated system to manage your marketing; Larabel can easily integrate without much hassle.

4. Simple Website Maintenance:

In general, websites powered by Laravel are easy to manage over time. Let’s imagine, that a few years later, you need some latest features added to your site, and a new Laravel developer can easily pick up from where your old developer left the site. 

Because of Laravel’s standout features, such as MVC architecture, clean code, and OOP principles, managing a Laravel site over time is very easy. 

5. Highly Flexible:

Laravel can develop a full-fledged eCommerce website or a simple and professional B2B site. 

Because of its extensive pre-installed authorized libraries, it can develop and support a wide range of advanced features for your website, such as encryption and password reset. 

The framework is also loaded with many third-party packages available to give your website a variety of functionalities and features, like Socialite, which allows users to sign into your site using the social media profiles you wish to integrate.

Future Scope of Laravel Framework in Coming Years

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1. Integration of IoT in Laravel Apps/Website:

IoT is an interesting trend for developing an attractive, engaging, and efficient Laravel app/website in the coming year. 

As businesses tend to take advantage of IIoT and the Industry 4.0 revolution, the Laravel framework can stay at the center of attention.

IoT implementation or configuration into Laravel websites or apps can help enterprises to get benefit from collecting data. 

Laravel will make enterprise-level web apps more efficient from the perspective of data analytics, as connected devices can gather and transmit data. It is also beneficial in the decision-making process.

2. Laravel for eCommerce:

Directus, Strapi, etc. are some of the popular open-source headless CMS that Laravel developers can leverage for developing eCommerce websites. 

These headless solutions can easily handle product catalogs and data, including customer information, without hampering the front-end experience. 

Whether you want to start an online store or take your brick-and-mortar business online, headless CMS solutions for eCommerce can do wonders with Laravel.

3. Multi-device Integration:

Laravel supports front-end frameworks like Vue.js and responsive design, making it perfect for developing web apps that run smoothly across multiple devices. 

Businesses can reach a wider audience globally and provide users with a consistent experience using Laravel. 

The multi-device integration feature also makes Laravel a front-runner candidate for building feature-rich PWAs. This trend has gained popularity globally as more developers tend to develop rich web apps that can run on several devices simultaneously.

4. Configuration of AI/ML Algorithm:

AI/ML technologies can take business apps to the next level. It is possible to configure Laravel artificial integration and machine learning libraries seamlessly. 

This can enhance your website’s functionality. A smarter and predictive web application can automate several tasks and provide actionable insights from data. 

Laravel contains highly flexible expressive syntax, making integrating AI and ML-powered elements into a custom website easier.

Final Words

At last, Laravel is not just a PHP framework, it is an adaptable, forward-looking, and community-driven ecosystem. 

Its benefits include powerful security, elegant syntax, and rapid development, making it the best choice today. 

Moreover, Laravel seamlessly aligns with modern trends and embraces the latest technologies to ensure its relevance and significance in the web development industry of the future. 

As enterprises continue to seek effective and developer-friendly solutions, Laravel is poised to play an important role in shaping the future of web development. 

Its commitment to security, excellence, and scalability makes Laravel a framework with boundless potential and a promising future scope.

What is the scope of the Laravel framework

Laravel is an open-source PHP-based web application framework. It comes complete with pre-integrated routing, authentication, and a database. It is also highly flexible and can be used for small websites through to complex enterprise applications. Such architecture as MVC is provided by Laravel to keep the code clean and structured.

What are the benefits of Laravel?

Laravel has a clean, polished coding syntax that improves the code’s readability and extensive documentation to assist developers in identifying and operating those features effectively. It also consists of some integrated components such as Eloquent ORM for dealing with databases and Blade templating engine for developing dynamic content. Besides, Laravel has constant community support and active updates making it better and better over time.

Does Laravel Have A Future?

Laravel has great potential, considering the timely version releases, strong community backing, and exponential popularity among developers. Overall, it remains a solid product of choice for future web development projects because of its versatility in meeting modern development necessities and compatibility with third-party applications. The way this framework has been designed to enhance the experience of developers makes it a lasting and widely accepted asset.

Are Laravel Developers In Demand?

Laravel developers are currently in demand due to the framework’s use and effectiveness in developing reliable web applications. Businesses seek experienced Laravel developers to build efficient and sustainable code for the project. It is also driven by Laravel’s huge ecosystem and the fact that the framework makes many complicated tasks in web development much easier.

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