Leading through the “New Normal”


By : Biztech

Leading through the “New Normal”1

“Change is the only constant in life.” 

A quote that proved to be the reality for all of us. When the year started, my clear vision was to grow our service as well as product verticals even bigger. And even with the prevailing pandemic, I didn’t change my vision and set out on a journey with my whole team at Biztech.

Our first priority was to protect our people and hence, even before the government imposed the nationwide lockdown, we were 100% remote by the mid of March. Despite the electricity and internet issues; as some of our people live in remote locations, I can say Work from Home has been an ultimate success.

Each and every member gave and is giving their best support to the organization during this challenging time.

Here’s an encapsulation of Biztech’s strategy for successful remote operations:

  • Put your people; clients and staff, first.
  • Review your core objective and stick to it.
  • Communicate, communicate, and communicate.
  • Support the community with your offerings, skills, resources, and experience.

As a result, the last quarter proved to be by far the best one for our product division. We grew our revenue of product division(Brush Your Ideas, AppJetty, CRMJetty) by 37% in comparison to Q1 2020. Even while working remotely, all our agile product teams kick-started the pre-defined product development roadmap and successfully released new versions.

Our main mission during this difficult time has been to support our clients. That did not only strengthen our relationships with them even more but also helped us sustain our service hours. I would personally like to appreciate each and every client for their patience and trust in us. 

Not to mention, this stability in business during pandemic has put us in a place where we could grow more and welcome new talent to Biztech, remotely. With almost all the companies laying off, we have over 40 new recruitments in our teams making them much stronger and giving us the hope and positivity for the remaining quarters of this year as well as for the coming year.

Following the success of operating remotely successfully, we have made it official to remain completely remote till mid-November 2020 i.e. Diwali, unless the situation drastically changes.

My message to all of the business owners and working professionals out there would be that the answer to this crisis can only come from the incredible power, dedication, and resilience. I would also like to add that we are here to serve, support, and champion you all.

With my very best wishes,
Maulik Shah
CEO, Biztech

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