Microsoft’s Creative Year Has Bore Fruits

Kanchi Vasavada

By : Kanchi Vasavada

Microsoft’s Creative Year Has Bore Fruits1

Microsoft is on a roll. They have been doing great things lately with the Windows 11 launch last month and they just announced they are putting Windows in the cloud with a new service called Windows 365.

Windows 365 puts your entire computer in the cloud, meaning you can access it from any device without having to deal with any complicated VPN systems or anything like that. Just sign in and your PC is ready. In a remote first world, this is the best thing to happen. 

For an IT company like us that has remotely onboarded over 60 people in the last year, this would be the most convenient way to pass on a dedicated system to each user with something as simple as a username and password, device irrespective. 

Windows 365 is coming out on August 2nd, in two versions: Business and Enterprise, and in multiple variants. 

While the concept of such virtualization is not new, Windows just made it simpler and almost friendly. Not something that it is famous for! 

Talking about Windows, the beta versions that are out of Windows 11 seem to be delighting users in all the little ways that it can. The interface is welcoming and almost playful, with neat little animations in the smallest of places. 

When you drag the brightness slider, the icons show a glow up, when you tick a check box, a short checkmark animation plays – all things that are unnecessary but definitely add the extra value and delight that design needs. 

Visual cues like this make the user experience so much better when we are all just constantly interacting with pieces of glass, where it’s a computer, a phone, a thermostat etc. Human beings like design – if am working long hours, staring very limited things on a screen, the right design element would bring a smile on my face.

Microsoft is often associated with work and seriousness. It is old school, and lacks that instant fun element. Well, there is one more design related, playful thing they are doing right now. Words will not do justice to this video:

The last year has shown us that even your workspace, which is generally a rather serious, more restricted space in terms of how you present yourself, can be playful and more human. Implementing great design in the little things can be impactful.

We obsess over design in physical places but casual consumers of technology might not be able to voice complaints of bad design until they meet good design. Windows PCs come in varying form factors, for a wide range of users, from the 5th grader to a lawyer, developer, or even grandparents needing a device to do their paperwork and video call their grandchildren. Impactful and helpful design for all of these users is where Microsoft wins. 

What feature are you looking forward to when the new OS drops? Are you going to use Windows 365 for your workplace? Let us know on out Twitter!

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