An Ultimate Guide to Outsource React.js Development Effectively

Priyanka Ghosh

By : Priyanka Ghosh

An Ultimate Guide to Outsource React.js Development Effectively1


Planning to build a product using React.js but lacking resources is the barrier? If yes, then React.js development outsourcing is the way to go. Yes, no matter whether you need to create a team from scratch, or are willing to expand an existing one, outsourced React.js programmers can bridge the gap between your needs and resources. 

React.js, in recent years, has emerged as one of the Most Popular Javascript Frameworks for creating dynamic and high-performance user interfaces in the front-end development world. For those on the lookout for developing seamless web applications, React.js can be the right tech stack to employ to embrace optimal outcomes.  

If you’re the one with a lack of appropriate in-house resources needed for React.js development, React.js development outsourcing can be the right way to go. Don’t know how to do so? Fret not! This article will get you through every know-how about how to outsource React.js development projects. 

Let’s dig deeper!

A Brief Introduction to React.js

Developed by Facebook, React.js is a JavaScript-based user interface development library. A vast majority of developers worldwide use this UI library for UI development. React.js is well-known for its simplicity and flexibility, making it the first choice for complex custom web application development

React.js allows you to develop appealing user interfaces using individual pieces which are called components. Now, you can create your own React.js components like LikeButton, Thumbnail,  and Video and combine them into a page screen and apps. React.js is designed to seamlessly combine multiple components created by different individuals, teams, or even organizations.   

The very tech stack provides a straightforward approach to programming and an enriched performance for exceptional user experience.

Features of React.js

Now that we know what React.js is, it’s time to glance at its compelling features, which make it a preferred tech stack among users and developers. The features can be various; however, we’ll be assessing the prominent ones. 

  • Component Architecture: Known for its component-based architecture, React.js separates web pages into various components, each of which is part of the UI with its own design and logic. The component logic, written in JavaScript, makes it easy to run and reusable.
  • Virtual DOM: The DOM (Document Object Model), tends to be a structure in which a node represents a component having particular logic. The virtual DOM is simply a copy of the real DOM and its structure changes whenever the user input data and component change. It makes component rendering faster, resulting in streamlined product development.
  • Easy to Learn: Developers with know-how in HTML and plain JavaScript can work on React.js conveniently. Besides, the core concept of React.js is easy to learn and understand, enabling even an intermediate developer to use React.js with no obstacles.
  • Durable Code: React.js code change happens to be backward compatible. Many tools and technologies assist React.js developers in following React.js best practices and migrating to new versions with ease and convenience.
  • SEO-Friendly— Page loading time is one of the ranking factors, hence it has a lot to do with your app’s SEO-friendliness. When paired with Next.js and Gatsby, React.js experiences an improved page loading speed, resulting in an enriched user experience.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: React.js tends to be one of the most flexible front-end tech stacks. It has various tools that help React.js developers create even complex applications easily. Moreover, it allows you to integrate additional functionalities in open-source packages.
  • Large Community: React.js boasts its wider developers community. It enables developers to get support when stuck with their React.js app development projects. This continuous support makes React.js a preferred technology among developers worldwide.

Real-life Examples of Projects Built Using React.js

Right from scalability and versatility to effectiveness and many others, React.js is considered the most effective tool for front-end development. Big brands like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have used this technology to make the most of their initiative. Below mentioned are some of the real-life examples of the projects developed using React.js: 

  • GommeHD
  • FirstHomeCoach
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Netflix
  • WhatsApp
  • Dropbox
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Airbnb
  • Airthings
  • Codecademy
  • Khan Academy
  • New York Times

Key Benefits of React.js Development Outsourcing

Benefits of reactjs outsourcing

Outsourcing software development is the process of hiring a third-party developer to handle software development projects. The services range from designing and developing software solutions for your company to consistently maintaining and upgrading them to ensure they are aligned with constantly changing business needs. 

After an intensive assessment of the basics of React.js, it’s time to dig a bit deeper and learn the benefits of React.js development outsourcing. Following are some of the key benefits of React.js outsourcing that you should be familiar with before outsourcing your project:

No Need to Nurture an In–house Team

From finding React.js developers to screening, hiring, and retaining them takes a lot of work. As we know, React.js is a popular technology, hence, there’s an increased demand for React.js developers, leading to obstacles when it comes to finding the right talent.  Apart from that, establishing and maintaining an appropriate infrastructure seems exasperating and time-consuming, costing you a small fortune. And what if you get a flooded workload with a tight deadline? That’s the time outsourcing React.js comes into play. 

When you outsource your React.js project, you do away with the hassle of establishing an in-house development team, finding, screening, hiring, training, and retaining them on your own. Besides, getting rid of in-house team establishment frees you from various other liabilities as well.

Reach to Wider Talent Pool

An easy reach to exceptional tech talent is something businesses always crave for. This is because you need a skilled team of expert developers to develop and deliver high-performance products. Be it establishing a remote team from scratch, expanding your existing React.js development team, or just needing a consultation session to polish the skills of your existing team of developers, React.js outsourcing is the way to go. Now you can choose React.js development outsourcing to expand your reach to a wider pool of tech talent with no geographical barriers. Yes, irrespective of time, location, experience, expertise, and other limitations, you can hire React.js developers from anywhere across the globe to work on your project

Access to Trending Technology 

Besides keeping you free from establishing an in-house team and allowing expanded reach to a wider talent pool, opting to outsource React.js development provides increased access to trending technologies. This is possible because most outsourcing companies employ experts with experience and expertise in trending technologies and current development trends. They stay informed about the new trends and technologies in their respective fields, which may not be the case with the developers in your surroundings. So, choosing outsourcing allows you to contact a developer with expertise in the same technology in which you have to develop your product as you can hire them from anywhere in the world. 

Convenient Team Management

When you outsource a React.js development project, you needn’t invest time and effort in maintaining the entire development team. Besides, you avoid investing costs in other resources for team maintenance. From providing tools and technologies to handle development along with team collaboration and skill updates, the React.js outsourcing agency takes extra care of everything. It means that when you outsource React.js developers from a reliable React.js development company, you can be assured of convenient team management.

Focus on Core Business Activities 

When you outsource a project to an experienced team of React.js developers, you open the door to freeing yourself from various hassles. Yes, you no longer need to be busy finding, screening, and interviewing potential candidates and managing your in-house operations. This saves you a huge amount of time, and you can invest this precious time focusing on the core business activities and brainstorming ideas for business development. This could be like assessing crucial data and planning effective business strategies. Overall, outsourcing your project allows you time and lets you invest it in core business activities. 

Accelerated Time-To-Market

Streamlined time to market is one of the significant reasons why you should outsource React.js programmers. When outsourcing, you can create a team of your preference by hiring as many developers as you want to work on your project. After interviewing their skills, experience, and expertise, you can select developers for an assured solution. Moreover, third-party software development firms set deadlines to deliver projects within the promised timeframe. They tend to stick to the deadline—as missing out on them frequently may threaten their reputability in the industry. These professional React.js developers follow the deadlines strictly and ensure an accelerated time to market for your project. They do it conveniently as they have years of experience and expertise in the relevant field. 

Enhanced Flexibility

There comes a time when you need to scale your project either up or down based on requirements. In those circumstances, having flexible alternatives to hire React.js Developers can be the right way to win the battle. When you outsource React.js development projects, you can choose from different engagement models, including a fixed-price model, a time & material model, a dedicated team & resources model, and on an Hourly basis. These hiring models allow you the independence and convenience to hire skilled developers of your choice, depending on your needs. Outsourcing lets you scale your team size according to your needs, like determining the number of developers and their years of experience to work on your project. This saves you a huge amount of time and resources and provides the talent you require. 

No Stress for Maintenance

When you have outsourced your project, the complete responsibility relating to maintenance is upon the service provider. The outsourcing team is responsible for taking care of the complete project development and maintenance. It frees you from maintenance worries and lets you concentrate on your key business activities. The best strategy would be to schedule frequent meetings intending to keep everyone informed about whatever is taking place on the project. Stress-free maintenance is one of the key benefits of software development outsourcing. 

Tax Benefits

Tax saving is another one of the benefits of React.js development outsourcing. Yes, organizations can benefit from cutting down the amount payable for tax on specific projects, resulting in saving money. Tax imposition laws are different depending on region and place. So, if you outsource your project development after a detailed assessment relating to tax implementation, you may save a significant amount of cost on your product development. 

Reduced Development Cost

An internal team establishment can be costly as it involves finding, assessing, screening, and hiring candidates, consuming a huge amount of money and resources. You needn’t do any of these when you choose to outsource software development because the outsourcing company has already done everything for you. You just have to contact them, interview developers, and onboard them to work on your project effortlessly and timelessly. Hiring a full-time React.js developer to outsource your React.js development project can help you do away with all these hassles, reducing the overall development cost of your project.

When Should You Outsource React.js Development Projects?

After knowing the benefits, have a look at the pointers below to point out the right circumstances when you outsource React.js development.

You should go for React.js outsourcing when you need: 

  • Wider Reach To Tech Talents 
  • Experts In Trending Technologies
  • Code Stability And Flexibility 
  • Fast Rendering 
  • Enriched Performance
  • Faster Time-To-Market 
  • No Hassle In Maintenance 
  • To Save Time and Effort
  • Large Development Community 
  • Cost-Effective React.Js Development

Top Platforms For React.js Development Outsourcing?

After knowing the benefits, now you may be thinking about where to get the right outsourcing partner from, right?  Fortunately, there are platforms where you can find many companies to outsource React.js development services. Look at the platforms where you can find the right React.js development service provider: 


LinkedIn tends to be a well-known social media platform where small as well as enterprise businesses have their profiles. You can simply go there and search for the top React.js outsourcing service provider with ease. Gauge the expertise, experience, services, cost, and the like before you assign your project to a company.


Clutch happens to be one of the largest platforms where you can find top-notch outsourcing companies. You can find many leading React.js development companies to outsource your project on Clutch. Ensure you’ve checked every nitty-gritty of an organization before getting engaged for product development. 


This one is an excellent platform from where you can hire top React.js developers. Here, you can find and contact top outsourcing companies to bridge the gap between your needs and exceptionally skilled tech talents. Apart from skills, you can have flexible hiring models including hourly, monthly, and project-based models for your react.js development project. 


Next up, we’ve Topdevelopers, one of the top platforms for finding individual developers and development companies for outsourcing. Here, you can outsource React.js development services to a reliable and trusted service provider that can ensure the quality of the product. Explore the vetted professionals like custom software developers, UI UX developers, and skilled React.js developers to work on your project and ensure an unparalleled outcome.

How to Hire React.js Developers to Outsource React.js Development Services?

There are plenty of advantages to outsourcing React.js development projects, however, you need to conduct extensive research to find the right service provider to get the most out of it. Follow this step-by-step procedure to learn how to hire React.js developers: 

Research Properly 

Before hiring, conduct proper and in-depth research to find the right company to outsource React.js development. Don’t forget to remember that you aren’t bound to hire a certain developer without assessing their skill and expertise. So ensure complete analysis to accumulate essential information about their experience, expertise, services they provide, pricing, and hiring model. Once you’ve done it all, outsource your React.js development to the one that suits your needs the most. 

Gauge Case Studies

Ask for the case studies–as they give you a comprehensive understanding of the previous works of an organization. Skimming through case studies will provide you with crucial information about the competencies of a service provider to deal with complex projects. It gives you information, for instance, projects the company has worked on, difficulties associated with those projects, which tech stacks they used, how satisfied the client is after project delivery, and the like. Ensure the case studies you see through are original, not just made-up scenarios.

Ensure Compatibility

The success of a partnership relies on the compatibility of two partners. Therefore, you must ensure the service provider you engage with is compatible enough. Have an eye on the details, for instance, the input they provide after sharing your idea, specific suggestions they have made for your project, and their contribution to the same. Apart from that, check if the time zone of a service provider aligns with yours, or if not, ask them and make sure what they would do to be compatible in terms of time. 

Interview Developers

Interviewing developers is also a process of hiring React.js developers. Yes, interviewing developers will give you a proper understanding of their competencies and abilities to work on your project. Through this, you can gauge a developer’s expertise and excellence in their respective field, making them eligible for work. If the skill matches your needs, consider taking further steps and go for React.js development.

Things to Consider When Outsourcing React.js Development

The following are the must-have aspects to look for when outsourcing React.js development services: 

Skills and Expertise

One of the must-haves is to check the developer’s skills and expertise. Yes, it is of utmost significance to research the qualifications and experience of the React.js development company you’re getting engaged with. You can simply ask them, check their portfolio, and even interview developers to make sure they have expertise in recent trends—as it matters and will have an immense impact on your project. 

Track Record

Before you outsource React.js development to a company, make sure to assess their track records. Pay close attention and check the continuous track record of a company in terms of providing excellent results while adhering to deadlines and budgets. If you find everything appropriate, go for outsourcing with the same. 

Project Management

Appropriate project management has a lot to do with your project’s success. Ensure the React.js developer you hire has excellent project management competencies. Do a proper assessment of their management methodology, strategy to battle difficulties, deadlines compliance, and more. If you find it right, consider your project outsourcing with the same.


Clear and effective communication is the key to success in every outsourcing project. Make sure the organization you’re planning to engage with responds on time, respects transparency, and is flexible enough to accommodate your selected method of communication. This will help you eliminate any gaps between what’s provided and what you need. 


Different outsourcing firms may offer various pricing offerings. Hence, you should choose a preferred pricing model before outsourcing a project. The pricing models include the fixed-price model, time and material model, dedicated team model, and the like. Knowing pricing models beforehand will let you avoid hassle relating to budget constraints during project development.

Cost to Outsource React.js Development

Ready to outsource your project, right? Now that we know everything like the basics, benefits, how to hire react.js developers, and what to consider while hiring them, you may be curious to know the price for the same. Determining the exact cost of hiring React.js development is a bit tough as many variables may vary the cost. 

The following are the key cost variables of outsourcing React.js development services: 

  • Project Requirement 
  • The Level of Experience
  • The Expertise of Developers
  • The Level of Complexity of The Project
  • Features & Functionalities You Need 
  • Selected Deadline
  • Geographical Location of Developers

However, these can differentiate the cost of outsourcing React.js development services, the table below shares an approximate cost of React.js development in different countries: cost of React.js development

Why Biztechcs for React.js Development Outsourcing?

Regarding Outsource React.js development services, we’re the one-stop destination for businesses across the globe. We’ve served our clients with a comprehensive range of IT services and consulting solutions for around 17+ years. Right from dedication to work to exceptional work ethics, cost-effective pricing, and top-notch solutions, we stand at the top to serve businesses with the best possible outcomes. Let’s know the key factors that separate us apart from the rest in the tech arena: 

  • Wide Range Of Offerings 
  • 350+ Vetted Engineers
  • 17+ Years Of Experience
  • 1200+ Successful Projects
  • Expertise In Delivering Quality Products
  • Transparency In Projects
  • Crystal-Clear Communication 
  • Uninterrupted Assistance 
  • Post-Development Support 
  • Cost-Effective Solutions

Need React.js Development Outsourcing?

How to Lead a Remote React.js Team Post-Outsourcing?

Finding and hiring a team is one thing, and retaining it is something completely different. Yes, know-how on React.js development outsourcing is significant, however, the knowledge about how to lead, maintain, and retain a remote React.js team post-outsourcing is necessary, too. Follow the dos and don’ts to end up managing your team better and embrace excellent outcomes: 



Communicate your goals, needs, and preferences initially Avoid treating your remote developers as dispensable resources
Nurture a relationship based on cooperation and trust  Avoid micromanagement 
Consider talking about the budget beforehand so that it doesn’t exceed Avoid setting unrealistic timelines and budget
Split development tasks into stages and try to stick to them Don’t mix the workflow stages 
Share the specific vision you have for your project  Avoid expecting developers to anticipate your expectations
Show trust in the developers, specifically in the aspects you’re unfamiliar with Consider procrastinating bombarded suggestions for changes unless it’s essential.  

Signing Off…!

That’s all there’s to it! React.js development outsourcing can be the best way to get your project developed with ease. Yes, it’s the right alternative, specifically for those lacking tech talents or those needing to expand their existing team for any reason. When you go with outsourcing, you reduce the tiresome effort of finding, screening, hiring, training, and retaining React.js developers. It’s a cost-effective way to get your React.js projects done.   

We discussed everything linked to react.js development outsourcing and tried to know the nitty-gritty of it. Right from basics to the features and benefits, along with how & when to outsource your projects, we discussed everything that needs to be informed about.  Furthermore, we also let you know the cost of hiring React.js developers in different countries and how to retain them when you’ve outsourced a team of developers. Now that you’ve apposite information, outsource your react.js development and leverage the benefits!


Why should I consider outsourcing React.js development?

Outsourcing React.js development enables you to tap into a large pool of tech talents and get quality products, timely delivery, cost efficiency, and post-development assistance. It saves your time and resources and keeps you free to focus on core business activities, opening doors for enhanced profitability. 

How do you ensure the quality of the outsourced work?

First, we analyze a project and its requirements and create a framework to follow. Then, we assign tasks, set deliverables, create a quality work environment, and get started working dedicatedly based on the project requirements. Once it’s built, we consider thorough testing and quality control measures to ensure it meets your expectations. Once we’re satisfied, the product delivery takes place. 

How can I choose the right React.js development partner?

The right React.js development company often excels at creating attractive and engaging UI UX designs. To choose the right one, gauge a developer’s previous works, check reviews, ask for pricing along with the deadlines, and if you are satisfied, go with the one for your project development.

Should you outsource React.js development services as a start-up?

Outsourcing React.js development projects can be an excellent choice for startups. This is because it doesn’t require much investment initially. When considering software development outsourcing, you don’t need to establish infrastructure, gather resources, seek developers, hire, train, and retain the in-house team. This way, startups can get their work done with no hassle caused by budget constraints, accumulating resources, and so on.

How much does outsourcing React.js development cost?

Anticipating the exact cost of outsourcing React.js development can be a tough nut to crack—as it varies depending on various factors. The project requirements like features and functionality, the project’s complexity, the developer you choose, their location, the deadlines, and the like can differentiate the cost of React.js outsourcing. However, it’s different, the average cost of react.js development can be anywhere between $14 to $60 per hour based on the location worldwide. 

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