Top Successful Businesses That Benefitted From NodeJS Development

Priyanka Ghosh

By : Priyanka Ghosh

Top Successful Businesses That Benefitted From NodeJS Development1

Summary: NodeJS Development

Imagine a runtime environment that’s not just fast – it’s Ferrari-fast. Picture building apps that juggle multiple tasks without breaking a sweat. That’s Node.js for you – a magical wand for creating real-time, lightning-fast, scalable server-side web applications.

The extensive capabilities of Node JS help create stunning web applications that perform smoothly in this competitive market. More the reason why top companies prefer Nodejs development for their web applications.

Are you wondering why Node JS is the go-to choice for these top companies? Then, this detailed guide on the best companies and their reasons to choose Node JS should help you seek answers.

It should help you decide if you should hire Node JS developers for your next project and use the platform for best.

So without further ado, let’s get those answers!

Why Top Companies Go With Node JS Development for Their App?

Why Top Companies Use Node JS for Backend Development?

Did you know the use of Node JS can reduce loading time by 50% to 60%? In fact, it can reduce development costs by 58%.

It is considered an extremely useful run-time environment due to its multiple benefits such as scalability, dependency on a single language Javascript, wide package ecosystem, and so on. Built on top of Javascript (which is usable in both frontend and backend), Node JS simplifies development for you.

Let’s look at a few milestones top companies achieved with Nodejs app development!

  • Netflix and PayPal cut their startup time from 40+ minutes to under a minute.
  • A mere 4% of businesses felt Node JS development didn’t have a positive impact.
  • When PayPal switched from Java to Node JS, their page’s response time became 200 ms quicker, i.e., a 35% drop in response time.
  • The number of servers needed to reach a client is reduced with Node JS. Thus, you eventually reduce the cost of servers and resources needed for management.

As evident, there are plenty of reasons to go with NodeJS app development. Now, let’s check the leading companies that make use of Node JS.

Top Companies Using NodeJS Development

Node js used for backend development is not restricted to one or two industries but is used by many leading companies from various sectors. For better understanding, I have created this industry-wise list of the best companies that use Node JS and how they benefit from it.

I. Ecommerce Giants


Walmart is an American multinational retail company operating a chain of discount department stores, hypermarkets, and grocery stores. Its eCommerce web app used Java before it started using Node JS.

Challenges With Walmart App

  • Distributed teams faced difficulty working with the Monolithic Java web app.
  • The Java setup also caused performance issues for Walmart’s mobile eCommerce app.
  • The JS library used earlier for the app’s front end was not SEO-friendly.

Node JS Benefits for Walmart

  • Walmart used Node js front end alongside ReactJS for its web app, which resulted in elevated performance. They observed improved customer engagement and reduced consumer response time. Want to compare react js vs node js for your web app? Check out our detailed blog here.
  • The improved checkout cart showed more conversions.
  • Updating the apps became much easier, thereby reducing development time and effort.


The American multinational company eBay has 129 Million active users as of 2023 and is probably one of the largest marketplaces in the world. It switched its Java-based architecture to Node.js to combat platform issues and disparity between frontend and backend.

Challenges With eBay App

  • Key problems with eBay’s Java application were slow website performance and long startup time. The switch to Node JS was an approach to make their app real-time.
  • Backend of the eBay web app needed connection with multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and other web-based platforms. Thus, it needed a Node backend for incorporating microservices.
  • Frontend development took much time and faced challenges iterating codes faster.

Node JS Benefits for eBay

  • They were able to deliver eBay-specific microservices with the help of Node.js in real-time without strain on infrastructure.
  • With the help of APIs, its frontend was also revamped with Node JS.
  • The Node js web layer helped serve data on various platforms.

II. Streaming Services


Available in about 190 countries, Netflix had around 221.64 Million subscribers in 2022 Q1. Up until 2015, Netflix used Java for data management. However, it lacked user experience with poor user wait times. Moreover, Netflix’s front-end used Javascript which didn’t communicate well with the JAVA backend.

Challenges With Netflix App

  • Development with Java takes time. Thus, deployment speed was low.
  • With synchronous loading, customizing UI as per customers’ needs was difficult to achieve.
  • Netflix was not able to capacitate its growing user base with the monolithic app design which was difficult to scale.
  • Backend-to-frontend transitions were not smooth, causing higher load times and latency.

Node JS Benefits for Netflix

  • User interface of the Netflix app was improved with Node JS development. The app startup time saw a dramatic 70% drop as it took a little over 1 second to load from its previous loading time, which was 5 to 10 seconds.
  • With the use of Node JS, it became easier to divide the interface into multiple smaller segments as it is microservice oriented
  • Backend-to-frontend transition was improved.

III. Travel and Hospitality


An American transportation conglomerate Uber uses Node JS for its several components alongside the Go programming language. It helps Uber attain complex tasks like connecting with over 600 APIs and trip execution.

Why Uber Chose Node JS?

  • It needed an environment that could process millions of user requests at a time. And the real-time, fast, and API-driven architecture of Node JS could help with that.
  • A powerful backend with numerous fragmented microservices powers the Node JS app infrastructure.

Node JS Benefits for Uber

  • Thanks to Node JS, it is capable of processing a huge number of requests at a time.
  • The executing trips component is entirely built using Node JS. Its asynchronous and single-threaded event loop further makes it a reliable technology.
  • There are over 600 stateless endpoints in Uber’s API ecosystem. Being written in Node JS, it helps with seamless connectivity and reduced management overhead.

IV. Financial and Payment Services


The American Fintech company operates an online payment system supporting money transfers. The digital payments system PayPal tech stack was Java for its backend and Javascript for its front end. However, that created communication problems.

Challenges With PayPal App

  • Various Java development processes didn’t sync well with front-end development.
  • Java-based PayPal app experienced poor performance and consist of longer development cycles.
  • Java’s high environmental dependency led to lost productivity.

Node JS Benefits for Paypal

  • Use of Node JS helped reduce response time and improved page loading time by 35%.
  • The Node JS desktop app could handle almost double the number of seconds every second.
  • Code size reduced by near-33%.
  • Node JS app is easier to code with a shorter development cycle.

Citi Bank

It’s a renowned global financial institution with more than 2.5 thousand branches worldwide. For its online operations, it already used Javascript. But, after observing Walmart’s success with Hapi.js and Node, they also adopted the same technologies for their web applications.

Challenges With Citi Bank App

  • As it adopted modern-day technologies like cloud computing, docker, VMs, etc., it needed an equally powerful technology to fit with it.
  • It lacked a robust backend that can easily operate the various finance operations.

Node JS Benefits for Citi Bank

  • With NodeJS Nginx direct delivery, Citi Bank’s app reduced latency by 50%.
  • Node.js NTLM authentication helped make authentication simple and secure.
  • Implementation of Node JS helped CitiBank develop several robust plugins.

V. Social Networking Platforms


With 930 Million users in over 200 countries and territories, LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. Before its switch to Node.js, it used Ruby for its platform. However, the stakeholders felt the need for a more robust and scalable platform that could handle the increasingly huge traffic that LinkedIn has to deal with every day.

Challenges With LinkedIn App

  • The application faced challenges and the server couldn’t load whenever traffic increased.
  • Pages were bulky and loading time was higher because of synchronization in the Ruby app.
  • Processing multiple concurrent requests weren’t possible with the Ruby-based app.

Node JS Benefits for LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn app was able to attain an improved client-server interaction as both client-side and server-side used Javascript.
  • The social media giant was able to reduce its machines for hosting apps significantly.
  • A simple and less state-dependent code helps with code management.


As of 2023, Twitter (now x) has about 450 million active users monthly. It is one of the largest social networks, allowing people to share content on their terms. While most of its traffic came from the Twitter website, they used the same for the mobile version.

However, recognizing the changing trends and need for scalability, they developed Twitter Lite as they switched to Node.js. Companies like Twitter also keep an eye on the latest Node js trends and update their system for the best performance.

Challenges With Twitter App

  • Twitter’s desktop application didn’t work well in case of slow/patchy connections.
  • Issues with video streaming on mobile.
  • Since Twitter’s ad revenue came from mobile, Twitter needed to improve its usability and loading speed.

To combat these challenges, Twitter Lite was launched using Node.js.

Node JS Benefits for Twitter

  • Twitter Lite’s app size is mere 1%-3% of the native Twitter Android and iOS apps. Thus, your users save storage space.
  • Mobile website works on 2G networks and can load within 5s.
  • Asynchronous processing helps load web content on the viewport.
  • Compared to Twitter mobile and Desktop, Twitter Lite is cost-efficient with reduced maintenance costs.

VI. Search Engine


Yahoo has been using Node.js for production since the Node 0.8 version. It uses Node JS for Flickr, Yahoo Food, Yahoo Life, and Yahoo Answers because of its fast response time.

Challenges With Yahoo

  • Flickr platform of Yahoo handles about 7 Billion API requests. Thus, it needed an equally powerful server-side processor that could handle multiple requests with minimal latency.
  • The content-heavy platform needed to optimize its loading speed.
  • Yahoo development team wanted to switch to a JS-friendly platform for better frontend-backend synchronization.

Node JS Benefits for Yahoo

  • Yahoo witnessed performance improvement in terms of creating modules flexibly and loading speed.
  • It attained enhanced development speed at lower development and resource cost.

That’s a wrap on the most successful businesses that harness the power of Node! Are you willing to use Node js for your web application as well?

If your answer is yes, create a project scope first mentioning all the things you need in your app before you reach out to the best Node js development company. And if you are looking for one such company that can help with development, BiztechCS can assist you.

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Conclusion: NodeJS Development

In the realm of tech innovation, Node.js has proven its prowess as a game-changer. The success stories of top businesses such as Walmart, Netflix, and Twitter, among others, exemplify Node.js’ transformative impact on industries across the board. Its speed, scalability, real-time capabilities, and vibrant developer community have propelled these companies to new heights of excellence.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Node.js remains a driving force, reshaping the boundaries of what’s achievable in modern web development and solidifying its position as a catalyst for success. Connecting with a Nodejs web development company can further help you leverage the capabilities of the platform maximum as they know how to use node.js to its fullest potential.

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