How Can Vue Development Tools Contribute To Better Performance in 2024?

Priyanka Ghosh

By : Priyanka Ghosh

How Can Vue Development Tools Contribute To Better Performance in 2024?1


Building a dynamic and intuitive web frontend is a critical job. Your navigation has to be smooth, your frontend elements interactive, and every UI element aesthetically pleasant. Using a progressive Javascript framework like Vue can help in this pursuit. 

Vue’s simplicity, versatility, and scalability make it an excellent choice for developing more intuitive and pleasant user interfaces for web applications. The use of Vue developer tools furthermore helps add advanced functionalities easily without having to code every bit from scratch. 

As we progress into the blog, we will explore the top Vue development tools of 2024 that help improve your website performance. You can also hire Vue JS developers for your project and ease your development efforts with the help of these developer tools.

Introduction To Vue: Why Do Developers Love Vue?

Vue is an open-source, progressive Javascript library that facilitates development of user interfaces and single page web applications. Developed under the MIT license, Vue was first introduced in February 2014. 

The library is written in Typescript and follows the Model-View-ViewModel architecture for development. As per Built With Trends, there are about 1,374,316 live websites built on Vue and is the 8th most popular JS library in India. 

Besides, there are multiple reasons why Vue is preferred by developers all over the world. Let’s check a few of them! 

  • Easy Learning Curve: The simple and intuitive syntax of Vue.js makes it perfect for beginners as well as seasoned developers. It is easy to learn and anyone can get started working with Vue seamlessly. 
  • MVVM Architecture: The MVVM architecture of Vue.js helps separate the View from Data Model. As it is modular and loosely-coupled, you can easily keep the View and ViewModel in sync using one-way data binding. It assures improved scalability, maintainability, and testability. 
  • Flexibility and Versatility: The modular architecture and component-based approach of Vue makes it a flexible and versatile library for development. Whether you are developing a single-page application or want to integrate Vue into your existing project, Vue’s versatility makes it a perfect choice for both. 
  • Reactivity and Data Binding: Thanks to reactive data binding in Vue, you don’t require manual DOM manipulation and any changes made in data are automatically reflected in the user interface. It helps you create dynamic and responsive user interfaces. 
  • Rich Ecosystem: With Vue JavaScript framework, you get a range of developer tools, plugins, and libraries that can improve your website’s functionality. We will explore some of the best vue developer tools later in this blog. 
  • High Performance: With virtual DOM capabilities, Vue framework minimizes unnecessary DOM updates and delivers fast-performing applications. 
  • Incremental Adoption: Unlike other frameworks and libraries where you have to code everything separately, Vue JS framework lets you integrate Vue with your existing codebase without having to rewrite. Thus, you can reap the benefits of Vue JS framework without disrupting your existing workflow. 
  • Active Community and Support: Though comparatively smaller, Vue.js has an active community of developers who can support your development efforts. You also get access to valuable resources like tutorials, articles, plugins, etc. created by the community.

Top Vue.Js Development Tools of 2024

  • CLI Plugins (@vue/cli-plugin): These are npm packages that add optional features to your CLI. The built-in plugins start with @vue/cli-plugin- and the community plugins start with vue-cli-plugin, and are easy to spot. 
  • Vue CLI
    GitHub Stars: 29.8k The Vue CLI (Command line interface) tops the chart when it comes to exploring VueJS devtools. It helps you write codes in Vue rapidly and develop user interfaces or web applications seamlessly. It also comes with a graphical user interface that helps you create and manage Vue projects.
  • Installing Vue CLI: npm install -g @vue/cli# ORyarn global add @vue/cliCreating a project in Vue: vue create my-project# ORvue ui

    The Vue CLI consists of the multiple components, such as: 

    • CLI (@vue/cli): It is a globally installed npm package which lets you write Vue commands in the terminal. 
    • CLI Service (@vue/cli-service): The development dependency is built on top of webpack and webpack-dev-server. It helps load other CLI plugins and consists of an internal webpack config.
  • Vite JS
    GitHub Stars: 64.7k
    Released in 2020 by Evan You (the creator of Vue.js), it is a local development server used dedicatedly for Vue and React project templates. With the use of Vite JS alongside Vue, you can get a faster and streamlined workflow for your project. It comes with advanced native ES modules and supports development for modern browsers.
    Some notable features of Vite JS include speedy HMR, Quick Server Start, Universal Plugin Interface, Fully-typed APIs, NPM dependency resolving and pre-bundling. 
  • Vue Press
    GitHub Stars: 22.3k
    Powered by Vue, it is a static site generator. Though created as a tool for writing tech documentation, Vue Press later became famous as a CMS. You can use VuePress alongside Vue.js and develop or customize themes for your web project.
    Vue Press turns the pages into static HTML pages, helping your pages load faster as they are ready made. After the webpage is loaded, it acts as an SPA, meaning the webpage is loaded at once without any need of reloading the website each time. The combination helps create fast-performing websites. 
  • Vue Apollo GraphQL
    GitHub Stars: 6k
    It is one of the most versatile Vue.js devtools that allow integration of GraphQL APIs into your Vue.js web app. With functionalities like automatic updates, Vue Apollo prevents you from refetching queries or updating UI.
    It supports various Vue APIs such as Option API, Composition API, or Components. With features like caching, server-side rendering support, and error handling, Vue.js developers can build powerful applications in Vue.
  • Vuex
    GitHub Stars: 28.4k
    For developers facing challenges with state management during the development of Vue applications, Vuex is the perfect solution. It is an open-source state management library that you can use with web development frameworks like Vue.js.
    The creator of Vue.js, Evan You developed Vuex for centralizing all state management functions. With features like zero-configuration time travel debugging and state snapshot export/import, it helps developers create a fully-functional web application smoothly.
    P.S.: You don’t have to use Vue dev tools like Vuex for developing single-page applications. It is used mostly for middle-scale to large-scale web applications
  • Vue Router
    GitHub Stars: 19k
    It is the official router used in Vue library for developing pages that stay on sepearet routes. Programmatic navigation, Dynamic routes, Named routes, etc. are some of the noteworthy features of Vue Router.
    Since routing is one of the most efficient ways of making navigation simpler and creating reusable components, visitors can seamlessly navigate web pages without having to refresh. When creating single page applications (SPAs), you have to use Vue Router for seamlessly and quickly switching the view and delivering greater user experience.
  • Webpack
    GitHub Stars: 64.2k
    The free module bundler for Javascript helps reuse Vue.js components and make the code lightweight. By using Webpack with Vue, you can add advanced features that help reduce the code size and manage application. As you can freely use Webpack on various pages, you get to code faster and more effortlessly.
  • Bit for Vue
    The Bit component library makes hosting and managing components seem like a piece of cake. You can use the Bit CLI tool to push components from a local project to collection. Thus, collaborating on various UI components across repositories gets easier.
    In Bit for Vue, tracking dependencies of components and versioning are done for your project. Furthermore, you will have to perform frequent tests in an isolated environment to make sure your developed app is free from errors.
    That’s some of the few Vue development tools that can ease development for you and help build fast-performing applications. However, you have to know what kind of application you are planning to build, your specific project requirements, and then choose the developer tools that can assist you.
    Furthermore, you may consider availing frontend development services from a reputed VueJS development company to improve performance of your application. BiztechCS is one such web development company that excels in Vue.js framework and can leverage the capabilities of the developer tools for smooth and successful development of your web-based project.


Whether you develop separate web applications from scratch or use Vue into your existing web application, using Vue developer tools can help improve your overall performance. Whether it is reducing the code bundle, improving the performance of Vue application, or elevating navigation and user experience, you can do everything with these Vue development tools. You can further hire Vue JS developers from a reputed company and seek help to improve performance of yur web application.

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