Banking on Biztech: Afghanistan International Bank's Journey to Optimized Data Management

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Afghanistan International Bank (AIB), a leading financial institution in Afghanistan, partnered with BiztechCS to facilitate a significant digital transformation. Aiming to offer a more user-friendly, innovative platform for its diverse customer base and internal staff, AIB aimed to consolidate its position within the country’s competitive banking sector.

The project posed an exciting challenge for the BiztechCS team, involving the development of a CMS-based website replete with complex requirements. These included multi-language support for better user engagement, automation of customer complaints and vendor registration processes, an intuitive career section, and robust website responsiveness. Further, the team was to incorporate dynamic page management, user-friendly location indication features, comprehensive user management systems, digitized customer complaints processing, stringent activity tracking, and rigorous security measures in adherence to international standards.


Functional Requirements


Understanding and incorporating the complex functional needs of a banking website within the CMS.

Language Support


The task was to support multiple national languages of Afghanistan on the website.

Dynamic Management


The bank’s website required dynamic functionalities due to the constantly fluctuating banking parameters.

Location Indication


Integration of a feature to help users quickly locate the bank’s branches and ATMs worldwide.

User Management


Designing a system to efficiently manage employees’ positions, roles, and access privileges.

Security Measures


Ensuring the security of customer data and the website as per the OWASP Top 10 standards.

Technology Stack

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Website Development

Website Development

We created a responsive CMS-based website that was easy to navigate and use.

Language Integration

Language Integration

We used the original source code to create multilingual pages, supporting English, Pashto, and Dari.

Dynamic Functionality

Dynamic Functionality

We developed dynamic page templates to make frequent changes in the banking parameters easy.

Location Feature

Location Feature

We integrated Google Maps into the website to help users locate AIB’s branches and ATMs.

Access Control

Access Control

We developed a system to manage employee roles and provide role-based access to the site.

Data Security

Data Security

We ensured site security as per OWASP Top 10 standards and used SonarQube for internal code redundancies.



Our work for AIB encompassed a range of functionalities aimed at enhancing the user experience and streamlining operations. From creating a responsive, multilingual website to implementing dynamic page management, our team ensured a seamless integration of these features. Screenshots of the website’s home page, dashboard, and language toggle option provide a glimpse into the aesthetic and functional aspects of the platform. Further, location indication using Google Maps, the user management dashboard, and the interface for digitizing customer complaints exemplify our commitment to creating an intuitive, user-centered banking platform.

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User Navigation

The responsive design improved user navigation and enhanced the overall user experience.


Language Barriers

The multilingual feature engaged more users and strengthened AIB’s global brand image.

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Banking Operations

Dynamic functionalities streamlined the bank’s operations by simplifying frequent changes.


Branch Locator

The location feature made it easier for customers to find AIB’s branches and ATMs.

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Efficiency Improvement

The user management system improved operational efficiency and security.


Data Protection

Security measures ensured customer data protection and compliance with international standards.

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