Unleashing Automation in Bioscience: How Biorbyt Achieved Seamless Process Management with ERP


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Biorbyt is one of the largest bioscience terminals globally, supplying a wide range of scientific research needs, including reagents, antibiotics, biochemicals, ELISA kits, and more. Over the years, Biorbyt accumulated a vast inventory, posing significant challenges in managing the volume of stock via spreadsheets. This manual approach led to inefficiencies and hindered the company’s ability to operate seamlessly. To resolve these issues and modernize their operations, Biorbyt sought technological solutions.

Biztech, a comprehensive technology solutions provider, emerged as the perfect partner in this endeavor. Biztech’s expertise in store customization, software integration, and custom module development made them the ideal choice to help Biorbyt improve their operational efficiency. Recognizing the challenges Biorbyt faced, Biztech proposed automating their processes using a mini ERP system, which would enable the company to manage their vast catalog more efficiently. This partnership aimed to ensure Biorbyt could continue delivering the finest quality services and products to the scientific community while improving their business processes for greater productivity and customer satisfaction.


Inventory Searching


Low productivity due to not being able to search for specific items from a large and varied inventory.

Report Accuracy


Maintaining accuracy in reports became a difficult task due to the manual reporting processes, affecting operational clarity.

Real-time Data


The inability to access real-time inventory and sales data hindered efficient and strategic decision-making processes.

Revenue Loss


Slow decision-making, a consequence of lacking real-time data, created a risk of revenue loss, inhibiting potential growth.

Manual Errors


Relying heavily on manual tasks, Biorbyt faced the risk of human errors, causing inefficiencies in their operations.

Supplier Coordination


Tracking multiple suppliers was challenging for Biorbyt, which led to supply chain disruptions and unfulfilled orders.


Technology Stack

  • magento-1-2
  • vue
  • html5


ERP Implementation

ERP Implementation

Biztech developed and implemented a mini ERP system to streamline Biorbyt’s extensive operations more efficiently.

Automation Processes

Automation Processes

The ERP solution automated several key operations like purchasing, inventory management, and invoice generation.

CRM Integration

CRM Integration

To manage supplier data more efficiently, Biztech integrated SuitCRM with the ERP system for smooth data transfer.

Dynamic Dashboard

Dynamic Dashboard

Biztech developed a dynamic dashboard, facilitating quicker and better-informed decision-making.

Report Builder

Report Builder

Biztech introduced an in-built report builder to design and develop custom reports according to business needs.

Supplier Integration

Supplier Integration

Biztech developed a supplier integration feature in the ERP system for real-time monitoring of supplier-data.



We helped Biorbyt transition from a manual, spreadsheet-based system to an efficient, automated setup. The ERP solution automated various business processes, including sales, stock purchasing, inventory management, and invoice generation. Biztech integrated SuitCRM with the ERP system to ensured smooth data transfer across applications. Our dynamic dashboard and an in-built report builder enabled Biorbyt to understand their data in depth, make quicker decisions, and ultimately enhance their revenue and productivity.

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Productivity Boost

The implementation of the ERP system resulted in a marked increase in employee productivity by eliminating redundant tasks and enhancing process efficiency.


Real-time Information

The automation processes provided access to real-time information about more than 14,00,000 products, improving inventory management and control.


Payment Details

Biorbyt gained access to real-time and detailed payment information, streamlining the financial management process and reducing inaccuracies.


Informed Decision-making

Clearer, comprehensive user data contributed to faster, well-informed decision-making, allowing Biorbyt to respond promptly to business and customer needs.


Revenue Increase

The overall operational improvements, facilitated by the ERP system, led to a significant increase in revenue, enhancing Biorbyt’s market position.

Words That Make an Impact

Words That Make an Impact

We have been working with Biztech for over 4 years now and been impressed with their breadth of knowledge, their can do attitude and the good communication skills. Biorbyt has completed over 100 small and large IT projects with Biztech ranging from HTML front end design to sophisticated back end integration. I would highly recommend Biztech

Tillmann Ziegert
Tillmann Ziegert
Managing Director - Biorbyt Ltd
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