Personalization Made Easy: Brush Your Ideas, A Revolution in the Web-to-Print Industry


The trend of personalized printing on demand is rapidly gaining traction among people of all ages, including businesses. For businesses, this presents a promising opportunity to make money in this area. Many businesses are looking to digitalize their operations or enhance how customers make purchases on their websites to increase their earnings. However, running this type of business requires a bunch of tools, such as a website where people can shop, a tool for personalizing items, systems to manage orders and inventory, and financial systems.

Getting all these tools from a single source is quite challenging. That’s where Brush Your Ideas comes in. Developed by BiztechCS, it’s a complete web-to-print solution that aims to transform the world of print and personalization. Brush Your Ideas was created specifically to tackle this issue. Their range of integrated solutions offers different ways to help printing businesses achieve their goals more quickly and easily.


Fluctuating Customer Trends


Ever-changing consumer preferences in the print industry challenge businesses to stay updated and meet demand.

Business Operation Complexities


Managing various aspects like design customization, order processing, and inventory management can be overwhelming for print businesses.

Longer Procurement Cycles


Assembling different tools from multiple sources can extend the time it takes to launch a web-to-print business.

Transition to Online Business


Traditional print businesses face difficulties with digital transformation and moving their operations online.

Complex Business Processes


Managing the intricate journey from design to print execution can be a daunting task without a unified platform.

Technology Stack

  • Odoo
  • tech-section-php
  • Prestashop
  • shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • magento-1-2
  • Opencart-logo


Web-to-Print Store

Web-to-Print Store

Facing offline-to-online challenges, Brush Your Ideas offers integrated web-to-print stores with preinstalled designer tools.

Mobile First Approach

Mobile First Approach

To address personalization convenience, Brush Your Ideas adopted “Mobile First”, enabling designing from anywhere, any device.

ERP Software

ERP Software

To streamline print operations, Brush Your Ideas introduced print ERP software, which optimizes the workflow from collecting print-ready files to product shipping.

3D experience

3D experience

Enabling product configuration and realistic views from all angles using 3D rendering.

Product Personalization

Product Personalization

To offer product personalization such as custom text, images, designs for products of any industry.

Tailored Customizations

Tailored Customizations

Enabled tailored customization to the entire solution, giving the control to vendors.



Biztechcs has crafted an all-encompassing solution for print and e-commerce businesses, seamlessly integrating a web-to-print store, a user-friendly product designer tool, and advanced print ERP software. This strategic overhaul empowers customers to personalize products effortlessly and businesses to optimize the entire production-to-delivery workflow.

The outcome? Increased sales, reduced turnaround times, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Embracing “Brush Your Ideas” is proving to be the gateway to streamlined success for businesses seeking an edge in today’s competitive market.

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Your business deserves a fitting digital makeover too! Reach out to us and book a free consultation call with our experts today.



Faster go-to-market opportunity

With all the essential tools in one place, Brush Your Ideas helped businesses to quickly launch web-to-print businesses, enabling quicker entry into the market.

Improved Usability

Greater user experience

Through advanced 3D visualization and user-friendly design tools, the platform enhanced the overall customer experience, driving higher engagement and satisfaction for various businesses.


Diverse Product Catalogs

The solution helped businesses to craft unique and customizable product catalogs, as the designer tool is compatible with a wide range of products.


Efficient Printing Turnaround

The streamlined operations facilitated by ERP integration led to faster order processing and reduced turnaround times for printing.


Sustainable Business Growth

Brush Your Ideas ensured consistent and sustainable growth in the competitive print industry for various businesses.

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