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El Camino Real Charter High School, an American educational institution, confronted various operational hurdles in their school management. The key challenge was synchronizing data across various platforms and managing different functionalities such as library management, inventory management, and purchase orders. Additionally, the requirement was a backend Odoo-based ERP solution that could easily integrate with their existing Magento website, aiming for a seamless solution to manage all school-related business records.

Biztech, a leading tech solution provider, took on this task, aiming to restructure their Magento website, introduce customizations, and develop and integrate robust ERP functionalities in Odoo version 7. The innovative ERP solution aimed to streamline the school’s in-house management operations, encompassing Library Management, Inventory, Expense Management, and more, thereby offering a holistic solution to manage all school operations effortlessly.


Data Synchronization


The school required an effective system to synchronize data across multiple platforms seamlessly.

Library Management


Managing library operations including book issuance, tracking, and late fees collection was a significant challenge.

Payment Integration


A comprehensive payment system for stationery and other materials was needed that could also record transaction details.

Expense Tracking


An efficient system to reimburse and track staff training and other expenses was absent.

Purchase Orders


The absence of a purchase order feature led to difficulty in creating, sending, and tracking orders placed by faculties/staff.

Communication Gap


A lack of a synchronized communication system led to information gaps between staff, suppliers, and senior officers.

Technology Stack

  • Odoo


Odoo Integration

Odoo Integration

Integration of Odoo with their existing Magento website streamlined data synchronization.

ERP Development

ERP Development

Development and integration of ERP functionalities streamlined library management operations.

POS Implementation

POS Implementation

POS Integration simplified payments and transaction record maintenance for stationery and other materials.

Expense Management Feature

Expense Management Feature

The expansion of the basic Odoo expense function led to efficient tracking and reimbursement of staff expenses.

Purchase Order Functionality

Purchase Order Functionality

Development of a purchase order feature streamlined order creation, approval, and tracking.

Automated Notifications

Automated Notifications

The introduction of automated email notifications kept all stakeholders updated about purchase orders.



The comprehensive ERP solution developed by Biztech brought a revolutionary change in El Camino Real Charter High School’s management operations. Screenshots from the implemented system display how Biztech’s innovative tech solutions effectively addressed the school’s challenges. The visually appealing and user-friendly interface of the system, and the detailed data representation, are evident from the screenshots. They provide a clear overview of how various modules like Library Management, POS Integration, Expense Management, and Purchase Order Management have been seamlessly integrated and customized to suit the school’s specific needs.

  • Screenshot

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Data Consistency

Odoo’s integration with the Magento website enabled automatic data synchronization, improving data consistency.


Streamlined Library Management

The library management feature facilitated seamless tracking and management of all library operations.


Simplified Transactions

POS integration ensured seamless transactions and record maintenance for stationery and other purchases.

004-budgeting (1)

Effective Expense Management

The enhanced expense function in Odoo allowed efficient tracking and reimbursement of staff expenses.

order 2 (1)

Streamlined Ordering Process

The purchase order feature simplified the order purchasing process, eliminating redundant communication.

speech-bubble 1

Improved Communication

Automated email notifications improved the communication process by keeping all stakeholders updated about purchase orders.

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