Revitalizing Operations through Custom CRM: Lubi Pumps' Success Story with Biztech


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Established in 1965, Lubi Pumps has cemented its position as a custom water pump and motor manufacturer, offering over 4500 distinct products. Their industry expertise allows them to provide flexible, tailor-made solutions that exceed standard requirements and meet specific client needs. However, despite their technical proficiency, they needed to enhance their operational efficiency and sought the assistance of BiztechCS to achieve this through the customization of a CRM mobile app for SuiteCRM.

Lubi Pumps wanted a system that could simplify logistical tasks for their staff and streamline operations, including appointment management and expense tracking. BiztechCS, in response, offered a range of customization services on our existing product, TapCRM, creating a new, tailor-made app, “LubiCRM”. By leveraging the new app, Lubi Pumps’ employees could easily manage daily activities, leads, and other schedules, eliminating the need for tedious paperwork and daily reporting. It also enabled managerial staff to access team reports and schedules effortlessly, significantly boosting productivity.


Logistical Complexity


Lubi Pumps required a solution to simplify their staff’s complicated logistical tasks.

Operational Efficiency


There was a need to increase operational efficiency by eliminating excessive paperwork.

Reporting Difficulties


Daily reporting to superiors was laborious and time-consuming for field employees.

Inefficient Scheduling


Effective management of daily activities, leads, and schedules was a challenge.

Limited Access


The hierarchy-wise user access needed optimization for more seamless operations.

Expense Tracking


The company needed a reliable method to track on-field expenses effectively.

Technology Stack

  • Android
  • ios
  • tech-section-php
  • SuiteCRM


Custom CRM

Custom CRM

BiztechCS customized our existing TapCRM product to fit Lubi Pumps’ unique needs.

Automated Reporting

Automated Reporting

Automation of daily reporting eliminated the need for cumbersome paperwork.

Improved Scheduling

Improved Scheduling

A feature for check-in/out of appointments was added for enhanced schedule management.

Hierarchy Access

Hierarchy Access

A new module was introduced to manage hierarchy-wise user access efficiently.

Expense Module

Expense Module

A specialized module was implemented to track on-field expenses accurately.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

A dedicated module was developed to outline the terms and conditions.



The screenshots showcase the transformative impact of the LubiCRM mobile app on Lubi Pumps’ operations. They offer visual insights into how the custom features were integrated into the app, such as the “Terms & Condition” module, “Hierarchy Wise User Access”, “Check-in/out of appointments”, and the “Expense” module. Each image encapsulates Biztech’s meticulous approach to the customization process, as well as the seamless user interface that employees can now leverage to manage their tasks more efficiently. The screenshots reflect a shift from manual, paper-based operations to a streamlined, digital, and highly efficient workflow, symbolizing the technological leap that Lubi Pumps has taken with Biztech’s assistance.

  • Screenshot

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Streamlined Operations

The customized CRM mobile app simplified the staff’s logistical tasks, boosting operational efficiency.

005-business-report (1)

Improved Reporting

Automated reporting reduced time and effort for field employees, enabling them to focus on key responsibilities.


Enhanced Scheduling

The new appointment management system allowed for better control over daily activities and schedules.


Better Accessibility

The introduction of a hierarchy-wise user access has streamlined internal operations, improving overall productivity.

004-budgeting (1)

Effective Expense Tracking

With the new expense module, Lubi Pumps could efficiently track on-field expenses.

Frame 39797

Defined Guidelines

The Terms & Conditions module provided a clear outline of the rules, enhancing transparency for the employees.

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