Fueling OpsCTRL's Digital Transformation With Biztech: A Case Study on Enhanced Productivity


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OpsCTRL is internationally renowned for its expertise in dynamic process modeling; especially for model-supported design of process control solutions. This project aimed to streamline their global operations, spanning over 2 countries, by leveraging cutting-edge technology like IIoT and SCADA. We became their go-to technology partner by providing them with comprehensive digital solutions; from web and mobile application development to automation of key business processes.

Digging deeper, OpsCTRL grappled with the challenges of managing vast amounts of data across numerous locations, making quick, data-informed decisions, and transitioning from manual to automated processes. In response, we constructed a centralized web application employing the latest technologies, which not only structured their data management but also significantly improved their customer journey. Through this partnership, we equipped OpsCTRL with the tools to make swift decisions, automate their onboarding processes, and manage machinery more effectively, setting new industry standards in water treatment solutions.


Data Disorganization


Large volumes of unstructured data across different plant locations made management cumbersome and inefficient.

Real-time Shortfall


Lack of real-time information hindered effective plant and equipment monitoring and decision-making processes.

Data Accessibility


Finding and accessing relevant data was a time-consuming task, significantly affecting productivity.

Manpower Costs


Excessive manpower was required for equipment monitoring, escalating operational costs.

Decision Delays


Lack of centralized data led to delays in decision making, affecting business outcomes.

Manual Management


Customer information, equipment, and inventory were manually managed, leading to inefficiencies, delays, and errors.

Visualization of Computed Data


The OpsCTRL team has built up an ML library, but there isn’t a fully-functional system available which visualizes that data to the users.

Technology Stack

  • html5
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  • jquery_icon
  • bootstrap-css-icon-1_new
  • Ionic
  • AngularJS
  • cakephp
  • NodeJs
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • Influxdb_logo_new
  • apache-kafka-logo
  • aws-logo
  • Android
  • ios


CRM Implementation

CRM Implementation

Developed and integrated custom CRM modules, providing structured and centrally accessible data.

Centralized Management

Centralized Management

Built a web application to centralize and digitize all data, improving accessibility and organization.

Real-time Notifications

Real-time Notifications

Implemented a system to alert users about threshold breaches, facilitating quick decision-making.

SCADA Integration

SCADA Integration

Utilized SCADA for seamless communication between the mobile application and machinery, enabling real-time monitoring.

Data Automation

Data Automation

Automated tasks like customer onboarding, equipment assignment, and inventory management, enhancing efficiency.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Developed a mobile application for easy access to data, tracking, and notifications from any location.

Mapping Computed data to the system

Mapping Computed data to the system

We developed a feature through which the user is able to visualize the created advanced equations and calculated data on the system.



Biztech designed a comprehensive digital solution for OpsCTRL, aimed at efficient data management and real-time monitoring. We created a robust web application, integrated IIoT, SCADA, and built a user-friendly mobile application. Our CRM modules streamlined data access, and the alert system enhanced decision making. As a result, opsCTRL achieved improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, increased revenue, and boosted customer satisfaction, truly modernizing their water treatment solutions.

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Increased Efficiency

The implementation of real-time notifications and alerts led to quicker response in emergencies.


Improved Monitoring

Real-time dashboard updates provided constant monitoring of different parameters across all plants.


Centralized Data

Centralization of data led to easy access, tracking, and management from anywhere, anytime.


Revenue Growth

Streamlining operations led to significant increases in revenue and employee productivity.


Cost Reduction

Automation of tasks and efficient data management resulted in a considerable decrease in operational costs.


Customer Satisfaction

Enhanced user experience and better service delivery led to an increase in customer satisfaction.

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