Innovating School Operations: A Case Study on the Transformational 360i Suite by BiztechCS


Unique Modules Developed


Schedules Managed


360i Suite is a sophisticated solution developed by BiztechCS to streamline school operations, addressing challenges faced by schools in managing daily activities. This unique platform is designed exclusively for educators, security personnel, and administrators on the go, transforming the way schools manage their tardy sweeps, detentions, emergencies, and general student SIS data. Developed as both a mobile and web application, the 360i Suite equips schools with the tools needed to navigate their operational challenges efficiently.

The scope of 360i Suite extends to automating routine tasks such as detentions, student schedules, late arrivals, contacts, emergency cases, and field trips, among others. With its unique features like student finder and photo snaps, schools can easily identify and locate any missing students and access their personal information during emergencies. The solution’s robust functionality and adaptability cater to the varying needs of schools, making it a valuable asset for daily operations.


Tardy Management


Managing and tracking students’ late arrivals consistently was a challenge for schools.

Detention Tracking


Assigning and tracking detention notes based on tardiness was a complex task for teachers.

Confiscated Items


Managing confiscated items and providing receipts to students was a tedious process.

Emergency Situations


During emergencies, complete tracking of students’ status was a significant challenge.

Field Trips


Maintaining student count and status during field trips required a more efficient system.

Communication Gaps


Communication with students about detentions, results, reports, etc., was not streamlined.

Technology Stack

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Automated Tardiness

Automated Tardiness

Implemented an automated system to manage and track students’ tardiness efficiently.

Detention Management

Detention Management

Developed a system that assigns detention notes based on tardiness, simplifying teachers’ tasks.

Item Confiscation

Item Confiscation

Introduced a system to manage confiscated items and generate detailed receipts for students.

Emergency Management

Emergency Management

Implemented an emergency management system for complete tracking of students during critical situations.

Field Trip Management

Field Trip Management

Developed a feature to maintain student count and status during field trips effectively.

Communication System

Communication System

Developed a robust communication system for sending emails/SMS to students as needed.



Screenshots from the 360i Suite provide a comprehensive overview of BiztechCS’s solutions implemented to transform school operations. They highlight the user-friendly interface and the streamlined workflow of various modules like Tardy Management, Detention Management, Emergency Management, and more. These screenshots demonstrate how BiztechCS’s innovative approach has digitized and simplified multiple facets of school management, reducing manual work and improving efficiency.

  • Screenshot

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Streamlined Tardiness

The automated system for tardiness management has streamlined the process of tracking late arrivals.


Efficient Detention

The detention management system has made assigning and tracking detentions easier for teachers.


Confiscation Control

The system for managing confiscated items has simplified the process, improving item control.


Improved Safety

The emergency management system ensures complete tracking of students, enhancing school safety during emergencies.


Field Trip Efficiency

The feature for field trip management has improved student tracking and count maintenance during trips.


Seamless Communication

The robust communication system ensures timely and efficient communication with students.

An ERP solution to manage school’s operations
An ERP solution to manage school’s operations
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