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We Upscaled This Bank’s
Operations with Technology

Established in 2004, Afghanistan International Bank’s major objective is to streamline the Afghan economy. Today they are established leaders in the banking sector and the most trusted and respected financial institution. Being “bank of the year” for 8 consecutive years from 2012 to 2019, they are gaining expertise in their sector and constantly upscaling their bank by leveraging the latest technology.

Technology Partner Sprints Undertaken
1 Year 5

Project Highlight:

Afghanistan International Bank (AIB) wanted to develop a CMS based website for their customers and internal staff which makes it easy to carry out their operations. Some of their requirements included; a fully-functional website, multiple languages, automation of customer complaints, vendor registrations, career section, and more.

Project Overview:

Responsive Website:

They wanted to have a responsive website which helps their customers to navigate the website easily and use all the features efficiently via mobile phones. We helped them with creating a responsive website where users can use all the website features like customer application management, vendor and aspirant registration, customer enquiry, complaint management, dynamic page management, etc. The main focus of the website was to have great UI/UX, which is clear, concise, intuitive and make sure that the process is easy and user friendly.

Multi-language Support:

Another major feature they wanted in their website was to support multiple national languages of Afghanistan to engage better with their users and build their brand stronger at global level. So, here our developers used the original source code to create multilingual pages using template structure. This helped us to make multiple languages available dynamically and let users engage with the website in their desired language. Currently, the website supports three languages English, Pashto, and Dari (Afghan Persian) and users can select their preferred language.

Dynamic Page Management:

As it is a banking website, the currency, interests, and other rates, keeps changing frequently so it needs to have a dynamic page functionality which makes changing the rates easy. Here, we developed different page templates which makes frequent changes easy. Admin simply needs to go to page details and edit the page content as per their need and it will immediately reflect on the client side.

Location Indication:

Searching for AIB bank branches is easier than ever. Being an international bank, AIB has multiple branches, ATMs, CDMs, across the globe. To help users quickly find their nearest bank branch, we integrated Google Maps in the website which shows the distinct markers on the maps and makes it easy to find AIB’s location on it.

User Management:

Banking has a complex structure of operations and making sure that employees are working efficiently is important. To make the process easy, admin can define the employees’ positions, roles, sub-roles, provide role based access of certain features and modules, restrict users if needed, and more. This makes it easy to provide certain access to users and carry out necessary complex tasks efficiently and effectively as well as keeping security in mind. Additionally, admin can manage all users, define rules, regulations, and roles of particular users, and try to make the banking process easy.

Digitizing Customers’ Complaints:

Handling and replying to customer complaints faster is important. AIB wanted to make their complaint handling process faster, and to do so, we created a feature that sends customers’ complaint application details to responsible departments directly via emails. Employees can see all the complaints and customers’ contact details so they can quickly reach out to customers and solve the issue. This made the entire complaint resolution process faster and easier.

Activity Tracking:

Banking is crucial and includes lots of risks. It is important to have a track of everything which is happening digitally, as it has a personal crucial information of users. To make sure that customers’ data is safe, we have created modules which track every single operation of admin users and keep records of it. It includes things like; on which particular database actions were performed by which particular admin, short description of actions, action types, and other important user information. Hence, admin can view and track every minute change happening on the website.


Keeping data secure is very important. We understand this crucial aspect of banking and how important it is to keep the data secured. Considering all these things, we kept the site secured by complying to OWASP Top 10 standards. Apart from this, we also make sure that the site is secured via the internal code redundancies for which we use SonarQube. Thus, keeping all the data of AIB’s customers is safe and secure.


We wanted to build a new website from scratch and provide better services to our users. We reached out to Biztech and decided to work with them on the basis of their portfolio. They helped us a lot with developing complex features for our website. Once the project was 50% completed, we decided to add some new features and Biztech was very flexible about it and did what we needed. Additionally, they also helped with some last minute tweaks without charging us for it. We loved working with them and the clarity and ease they bring to the table keeping their customer front and center. We highly recommend their services and would prefer to work with them on future projects as well.

Hizbullah Watandost

Hizbullah Watandost

Senior Application Officer - Afghanistan International Bank


Asp.Net Core 3.1, JavaScript/jQuery, MS SQL Server




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