Asian D8


Replacing swipes with filters
brought hearts closer!

AsianD8 is dating company built specifically for British Asians where they can find prospective partners. There are filters based on age, region, interests, hobbies and other options. It fulfills the very niche requirement of connecting people of a very specific demographic. This app seamlessly works even with multiple advanced modules like subscription payment, uploading & editing images, etc. The app also lets users search for potential dates with the help of tags, as well as upload photos.

Hours spent Sprints undertaken Modules added Customizations made
600 Hours 2 Sprints 3 8

Project Overview

This app focuses on revamping the dating app experience by eliminating the swiping trend and simply allowing to filter based on a variety of factors. We helped them reintroduce their mobile app for iOS. Among the things we worked on, were improved messaging facility, advanced filtering options and photo management.

What features we added:

We added an in-app reporting option if users find any suspicious or inappropriate activity when interacting with the account. Apart from that we integrated a Facebook login feature for seamless login. The app works great with advanced modules like subscription payment, uploading & editing images etc. We also take location permission so that users can meet dates from the area they are in.

Final outcome

The ease of being able to filter a potential match based on the criteria that people have makes it a very easy to use and functional dating app. Features like multiple photo uploads, search via tags etc. also makes it popular.


Xamarin.Forms, C#, iOS



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